Apple Pie on Buy 1 Take 1 at S&R!

S & R Buy 1 Take 1 Apple PieDo you know what baked goodie S&R has on Buy 1 Take 1 this week?

It’s their US Apple Pie!

Get 2 Apple Pies for only P299.95! That’s only P150 for each apple pie!
SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Apple Pie Bakery Item of the Week
Since the US bases closed decades ago, awesome apple pie has been very hard to come by in the Philippines, and for me, S&R’s US Apple Pie is one of the best available today.

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Apple Pie Top

Check out the big chunks of real apples:

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Apple Pie Yummy

Look at that flaky crust!

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Apple Pie Flaky

I think the best way to enjoy this apple pie is to heat a slice in the oven toaster (not the microwave!) and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, to make apple pie a la mode. I like eating this apple pie with iced tea in the afternoon… or cold milk at night…

Ssssssssshhh………… If you need to bring something to a party but are too lazy to cook something, you can even cheat using this pie! Just transfer the pie to a nice, same-sized pie plate and reheat in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, at 350 F. It will really seem like you baked it yourself! I won’t tell if you won’t! 

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