Anti Distracted Driving Act Reminders from Smart

Anti Distracted Driving Act Reminders

Atensyon sa Kalsada Para Iwas Disgrasya

Smart Encourages Pinoy Drivers to Use Mobile Devices Responsibly

According to the 2015 World Health Organization Global Status Report, talking on the mobile phone while driving has a greater chance of getting into an accident by four times. This and other mobile-phone related accidents is what the Anti Distracted Driving Act (Republic Act No. 10914) seeks to address.

As such, leader in mobile Smart Communications (Smart) shares these reminders to avoid being penalized — or worse causing harm to oneself and others.

Thank you to Smart for this nice infographic! 

Smart Anti Distracted Drivig Infographic

Those who are not covered by the law are people “using mobile phones for emergencies, including calls to a law enforcement agency, healthcare provider, fire department, or other emergency services, agency or entity,” and people “using mobile phones while operating vehicles providing emergency assistance,” such as ambulances and fire trucks.

Otherwise, the use of a mobile device while driving is allowed only when the driver uses hands-free tools such as a speaker phone and earphones.

Violators will be fined P5,000 for the first offense, and P10,000 for the second. Third-time violators will be slapped with a P15,000 fine and three-month suspension of their driver’s license. Fourth-time violators will be fined P20,000 and will have their driver’s license revoked.

For more information, please visit Smart’s statement from the newsroom here:

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