5 TV Shows I’m Going to Stop Watching This Week

5 TV Shows That I Gave Up On This WeekAfter watching the first 4 seasons of Game of Thrones Season 5 (in case you didn’t know, it was leaked 2 days ago!), I just realized that I’d rather watch quality shows than keep wasting my time watching shows that I don’t care about anymore. I have been watching these shows mostly out of habit lately, and not out of actual interest in the show, characters, story or mystery.


1. Gotham

The show started out with a good premise – dark, gritty, and focusing on the origins of Gotham’s heroes and villains. I even found Fish Mooney’s character interesting. But too much of Fish Mooney is a bad thing. I am sick of her. Penguin was interesting, but now I’m sick of him, too. I also don’t like Gordon’s new doctor girlfriend – whenever I see the actress, I always think her characters always start out by presenting a good, beautiful face but turn out to be bad in the end (The Mentalist).

The only people I like (young Bruce Wayne, Selina, little Poison Ivy, Barbara Kean) don’t get enough screentime! The show is dragging in the sense that I know the end game of how they will all turn out when they grow up, but it’s taking so long and so many detours to get there! So I stopped caring. And I’m really very sick of Fish Mooney. Goodbye.

2. Revenge

I’ve been watching this  show since the beginning! And it really was a wild ride, with so many things happening in an episode. If you missed an episode, you’ll be kind of lost about what happened. It was the kind of show that had so many O.M.G. moments that I had to take to Twitter to read what everybody else’s reaction was right after watching.

I was so happy for Amanda when she finally had a good relationship with her dad. She deserved her happiness after everything that she has done and that was done to her. But after the father-daughter reunion, things just got ridiculous, especially with the whole Margaux hit by a cab and blaming Emily storyline. And then Nolan dumping poor hot Louise for a dweeby social worker? I’m outta here. I didn’t even watch last night’s episode anymore.

3. Once Upon A Time

It was a nice show with a good start. The idea for the show was actually brilliant! I got bored when they spent many episodes just walking around Neverland. But I stuck with it and the show improved again – I especially liked the Frozen / Ice Queen storyline.

Now they have Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella de Vil and it’s just become way over the top. Snow White and Prince Charming turned out to have done some pretty horrible things in the past, and I’m actually more sympathetic to Regina, the Evil Queen. Yes, the supposedly like-able hero characters have been keeping a secret about horrible things they’ve done. Ugh. I totally dislike them now. The writers are just pulling tricks out of a hat to keep the story going. It’s a mess and I don’t care about these people any more. I’m closing the book on watching this show. Did not even watch last night.

4. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow started out as a really good show! It was scary and supernatural, but also had good comedy. It was interesting to delve into their mythology. I liked how Ichabod was outraged at the price of coffee and taxes in our time and how he was pro-libertarian.

But after the mess of Season 2, I don’t think I’ll be watching Season 3 (it was recently renewed) unless they make something mind-blowingly amazing. How can I describe season 2? It was sooooooooo bad. There were loose ends and storylines that went nowhere. They pandered to certain fans and turned an important character into a villain and killed her in two episodes instead of redeeming her by giving her something better to do. It was such a waste of a good show 🙁

5. The Flash – okay, I will still watch The Flash, but not because I’m actually interested in the show, but mostly so that I can keep up to date in case of any Arrow crossovers. I find Barry Allen to be a whiny kid in puppy love with a clueless Iris West, and I didn’t find the reveal of Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash mind blowing at all. I had high hopes for the show, but after a while I just couldn’t lie to myself anymore, the show is corny. I know The Flash is a corny guy in the comics, but this show just strikes me as meh. I just don’t care about any of the characters and actually find myself rooting for the bad guys, preferably the Prison Break cast, to kill them all off. The only like-able character is Caitlin Snow and it’s only because I find Danielle Panabaker herself like-able.

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