1,000+ Facebook Fans Thank You Giveaway

October Giveaway Swiss Miss Marshmallows Hot Cocoa Featured Image

Hello, everyone! It’s been a year since I started BaratAko back up and I am so grateful for all of my readers and for all the wonderful people I have met since I started this blog!


A few things that have me very happy are:

First, Barat Ako’s Facebook Page has reached 1,000 Fans!

Second, Barat Ako has consistently been included in Blogmeter.org’s 100 Pinoy Blogs By Worth since June. For September, Barat Ako was even ranked a totally unexpected #20!

Top 100 Pinoy Blogs Sept 2015


To thank all of my readers, I am doing a simple giveaway – I am giving away 3 boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Flavor (10 packs per box). That’s 1 box per winner!

I thought it would be appropriate for our cooler weather and it would be nice to drink it during the Christmas season!

I was also recently given an extra Caffe Bene 2015 Calendar that I would like to give away to anyone who wants it. The calendar may be for 2015, but the notebook’s soft felt cover is actually pretty cute, and useful, too!

Here is a picture of the 2015 calendar I am keeping for myself. The one that I am giving away is still sealed in the box. The calendar notebook is just glued to the felt, and I think that it will just be a simple thing to find another similar-sized notebook and replace the 2015 Calendar.

October Giveaway Caffe Bene Diary 2015

October Giveaway Caffe Bene Diary 2015 Inside

October Giveaway Caffe Bene Diary 2015 Inside Page

It also comes with a little notebook/booklet. There are two “leather” pockets and another pocket behind it (this is where the little notebook is kept), on the right side, the Modern Diary Notebook 2015 is glued to the felt. Behind it is another big pocket where you can keep more papers.


  1. Just share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BaratAko1stAnnivGiveaway and include an answer to Why I like Barat Ako 
  2. Indicate if you would also like to win the Caffe Bene calendar so I will consider you for it
  3. Leave your FB, Twitter or Instagram account in the comments below to confirm your entry to the giveaway. That’s it! (This is so I know that you are actually joining the giveaway, and did not have the hashtag by accidental sharing).
  4. You must be a fan or follower of any Barat Ako account (FB, Twitter or IG) to join the giveaway since this giveaway is for my fans/readers.

There will be 3 winners of the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (1 box per winner) and an extra winner who will get the Caffe Bene 2015 Calendar.

Don’t forget to use #BaratAko1stAnnivGiveaway since I will be picking winners by searching for that hashtag! I will be picking the answers I like best (answer to Why I Like Barat Ako).

I will be shipping the items to the winners. Winners must have shipping addresses within Metro Manila. I will be contacting the winners on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, so please make sure I can reach you there.

Giveaway runs from October 5 – October 16, 2015 


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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