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    Motivation January: How I Get a More Organized 2019!

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Get in Shape with Taiwan Excellence Premium-Grade Gym Gear

Get in shape during the Holiday season with Taiwan Excellence premium-grade gym gear This holiday season, we have so many parties, get-togethers and reunions to attend! That’s a lot of eating rich food and decadent desserts. Our schedules are packed with all these activities that keeping up a consistent gym schedule is tough. Fortunately,  Taiwan Read more »

POLL: One Big Time Winner vs. Everybody Happy Party?

I was talking to someone last night who was organizing a corporate Christmas party. She was preparing P300 Sodexho GCs to be raffled away during the party, and I commented that okay, at least everybody goes home with something. And then she told me that no, there were 200 people attending, and they were only Read more »