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Watsons Happy New You

It’s been a few weeks since the New Year. How are your resolutions coming along? Even if you’re not a fan of making New Year’s Resolutions, you would have most likely still promised yourself that you would do better this year and make some positive changes in your life, right? 🙂


We all have our BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOALS for 2018. But I’m not going to talk about those here. Those are different for everybody and they are probably really gigantic goals that require maximum effort to achieve.

Instead, let’s talk about some easier, achievable goals, so you can have little wins to keep you going on your path to a successful 2018.

Watsons PH recently launched their Happy New You campaign to help you achieve your health and beauty goals for 2018. Whatever your H&B goals, Watsons probably has something to help you achieve them.


Watsons has many hair care brands and products to choose from. For me, something I did not expect to like were the New Naturals by Watsons line, but I gave them a try and I’m really liking the Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner combo. They really keep my dry hair conditioned and my hair feels really smooth, a comb would just slide off!

There’s also this Malunggay and Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner set that I plan to try soon after I finish with my current shampoo & conditioner (Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil). A blogger friend said he uses this malunggay shampoo and that he likes it.

Watson Happy New You Hair Care

Even though I try different conditioners, whenever I need a sure thing to condition my hair for special occasions, I still go for Cream Silk. Cream Silk is still “the one” and I always keep one in stock.

I miss using Hot Oil Treatments. I remember I used to do them every week when I was younger, but I got out of the habit due to laziness. Will try to start doing that again with these Silk Secrets hot oil treatments.


Good skin is one of the main measures of beauty. Keep your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Find a moisturizer that works for your skin.

I got some Belo Gluthathione with Collagen capsules that I am excited to try! Hope to do a review on it soon.

Watsons also has a lot of skin whitening products for those who want to have fairer skin:

Watsons Skin Whitening Products


Reinvention is another big goal that tends to fall away as the year goes on. We all want to see ourselves looking better, but we think we don’t have the time to do beauty maintenance. Watsons has some easy, DIY hair coloring kits. Here are some I got, including a dry shampoo! I’m glad to know that dry shampoo is easier to find here in Manila now. Just in case you go to the gym and don’t have the chance to take a shower, dry shampoo should help, especially when you need to go back to the office or have a meeting after!

Watsons Hair Coloring

I usually just color my hair at home, because I don’t want to spend hours at the salon. When I color my hair at home, the “waiting time” for the hair color to set isn’t wasted, because I can read, watch TV, or do other things during that time.

Watsons Gorgeous New Look

If you want to update your makeup, Watsons also has different makeup brands to suit your budget. For me, the best thing you can do for your face, aside from taking care of your skin, is to groom your brows. You may not even be wearing any makeup (or minimal make-up), but good brows will make you look put-together. So keep them in shape and learn how to draw them to look natural and flattering.


Getting healthy is usually the first resolution we break because, let’s face it, a “morning run” often ends up last on the day’s list of to-dos. But living healthy is almost never all or nothing. If I can’t do the big things, I’ll try to do little things like choosing the longer way to walk somewhere, taking the stairs when I can, and doing things myself instead of asking someone else to do it for me. Every bit of extra movement helps.

I also try to stay healthy by taking vitamins and minerals, most of which you can find at the Watsons Pharmacy section at affordable prices. Vit. C is very important to keep your immune system ready to fight off infections!

Watsons Healthy New You

You’ll be amazed by the changes you can make by simply taking the time to love yourself a little more. All those big resolutions that seemed so overwhelming suddenly become so completely doable. With a little help and the right products from Watsons, you’ll be looking good and feeling great in no time. So stop by for a visit and see for yourself – 2018 has great things in store. Until then, Happy New Year and Happy New You!


Great news for SM Advantage Card members! A total of 1,000,000 shopping points will be given away by purchasing any participating product with a minimum amount of P500.00. Per DOH-FDA-CDRR permit no. 003 series of 2018.

The SM Advantage Card is available at any Watsons store or at The SM Beauty Section. At Watsons, members get more!

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