Send Your Valentine Love Notes with Greenwich Pizza!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo Valentines Sleeve

Showcase your sweet messages! Write your special message to your beloved on the special, limited edition sleeve when you purchase a Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo for P399.

Some people are into flowers, and some are into food! When someone gives me flowers, while I appreciate the thought, I would much prefer receiving something delicious instead! I’m just being practical. I love the smell of roses, but I don’t like the work that has to go into taking care of them to make them last longer. First, I have to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle, then I have to clean a vase, put water in and then Google what I need to put in the water to preserve the flowers longer. And then I have to keep repeating this every few days. It’s just too much work for flowers!

If the special people in your life are like me, they might appreciate the gift of pizza better! What’s more, when you buy the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo (P399 for 2 double-size pizzas), it comes with a limited edition sleeve where you can write your messages. Be as creative as you want to be to personalize your gift!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo Valentines

Not only is pizza a gift that is always appreciated, at P399 for two pizzas, it is budget-friendly, too!

The special sleeves are available until February 17, 2019! So don’t worry if you missed Valentine’s Day – who says you can’t tell your loved ones how much you love them even after February 14, anyway?

The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Delicious Duo 399 with limited edition pizza sleeves is available until February 17, 2019. Visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria or call “#” then 5-55-55 for nationwide delivery. Delivery is also made easier! Just text G to 0919-88-55555 (Smart) or 0905-88-55555 (Globe) and expect Greenwich to call you for your orders.


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