The Dessert Museum – Is It For You?

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Last week, one of my foodie blogger groups was invited to check out The Dessert Museum.

To be honest, I had no idea what kind of place it was. Wala sa crowd ko, bes. But because it’s named The Dessert Museum, I thought it would have all sorts of desserts. Or at least, it would feature desserts from history up to the present, or something like that.

Actually, I was expecting some kind of dessert buffet pa nga. So when I arrived, I was kind of excited to see all the sweets-themed decor.

The Dessert Museum is located at the ground floor of S Maison, beside SM Mall of Asia. Regular ticket price is P799, but I hear you can get discounts from online promos.


Yes, it was pretty and the decorations will look good on Instagram, or if you want to do a wedding / debut / kiddie pictorial kind of thing. For those purposes, it’s great. You’ll be very happy with all the props available.

However, if you came in expecting desserts, this is not the place for that. The props are just that, props. Not edible 😀

As for actual desserts, you get 6 sweets as you journey through the different rooms (see video below). One piece per person, fyi, just in case you were expecting a buffet, there’s no buffet or eat-all-you-can dessert here. Hopefully they’ll have some sort of cafe in the future.


Take a look this video tour I made during our trip there:


If you love taking selfies, taking wacky barkada photos, taking pictures of your kids in various poses and things like that, you’ll probably like this place very much.

If you’re looking for a dessert place, this is not the place for you. Personally, I did not enjoy this place that much because I’m not that into taking selfies. I’m the wrong crowd for this place.

The Dessert Museum
S Maison, Conrad (beside SM Mall of Asia)

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