Deal Finds S&R Members Treat 2017, Part 1: Big Items + Home Stuff

Checked out the S&R Members Treat 2017 happening from March 29 (Wednesday) to April 2 (Sunday). Almost everything was on Buy 1 Take 1, and if they were not, then they were definitely significantly discounted!

Members Treat 2017 is more organized and much improved from previous sales, so congratulations to the S&R team!

Here are some of the deals I found at the S&R Shaw branch, but they should have the same deals in other branches, as well. As I’m writing this blog post, I realized that there were too many sale items to feature, I need to break it down into 3 parts!

Part 1: Big Items + Home + Beauty

Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances

Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!


Upon entering the S&R Shaw branch, I was immediately faced with discounted TVs! And they even have Buy 1 Take 1 on a 32″ LED TV!

I am not going to show all the TVs on sale because that would make this too long, but most of the TVs are on sale!

This one from Aptus is P16,000, Buy 1 Take 1!

S&R Members Treat 2017 LED TV Buy 1 Take 1

Check out this Samsung Curved TV that is now only P47,498! That’s P17,500 OFF!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Samsung Curved TV

Click to enlarge

Because summer is here, you might need this to keep cool, and why not buy them while they are on promo?

S&R Members Treat 2017 Fans

The digital inverter aircons here were also cheaper than what I saw in other stores!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Aircon

Refrigerators were also on promo. Some are heavily discounted!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Refrigerators

This Tylr Dish Dryer was P5,989.00, and is now only P3,689.00. Save P2,300! If you want to keep pests away from your dish drying rack, take a look at this! It also disinfects.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Tylr Dish Dryer

Washing machines are also on promo! This Samsung Digital Inverter Washing Machine is now only P27,994.00!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Samsung Washing Machine

Here are the other washing machines I saw, all with discounted prices, too!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Washing Machines


Bath mats and rugs are on promo!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Mats and Rugs

I actually like the ones without any rubber backing because they last longer and are easy to wash in the washing machine.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Mats and Rugs

Inexpensive, but good quality non-slip mats. Avoid slipping in the shower.

S&R Members Treat 2017 Mats and Rugs

I am really enjoying my new feather down pillows! These are only P999.95 for 2 packs! When I bought my last feather down pillow a few years ago, it cost at least P800+ for one pillow. It’s time to replace my old pillows so it was really just so fortunate that I found these on sale at S&R! They are good quality and very fluffy, but still provide enough support, unlike most fiber-filled pillows. If real down pillows are too expensive, but regular fiber-filled pillows are not doing it for you, give these a try! 

S&R Members Treat 2017 Pillows

Here, I’ve already got mine ready to put in a pillow case! Excited much! Hahaha. 

And what about this Temperature Regulating Pillow? Summer is here and it’s damn hot! If you want a pillow that keeps you cool, check this out! And it’s heavily discounted, too!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Temperature Regulating Pillow

If you just want standard bed pillows, these are on Buy 1 Take 1!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Standard Pillows

Towels on Buy 1 Take 1! I know some people come to the Members’ Treat with the goal of buying towels! So here they are:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Towels

Click to enlarge

Fleece blankets Buy 1 Take 1 for only P299!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Fleece Blankets Buy 1 Take 1

Click to enlarge

Various bedsheets, robes, comforters, etc… on Buy 1 Take 1:

S&R Members Treat 2017 Bedsheets Robes Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat 2017 Comforters Buy 1 Take 1

Click to enlarge

S&R Members Treat 2017 Comforters Buy 1 Take 1 2

Click to enlarge

S&R Members Treat 2017 Bedsheets Buy 1 Take 1


Imported bath & beauty products junkies are in for a treat!

S&R Members Treat 2017 Tresemme Buy 1 Take 1

S&R Members Treat Suave

S&R Members Treat Sunsilk

S&R Members Treat Olay

S&R Members Treat Herbal Essence

S&R Members Treat Fruiser

There are so much more items on promo during the Members’ Treat 2017, I just can’t post them all!

I’m working on Part 2 right now, will post it ASAP because I know you’re all excited to see all the promos!

Check out Part 2: FOOD + Small Appliances! and Part 3: Get Ready for Summer!

The S&R Members Treat 2017 sale is until April 2, Sunday, at all S&R Warehouse branches! Take this opportunity to buy the things you’ve always thought of buying. Sayang, naka-sale na! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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