Solaire Fresh Buffet – Most Sulit Buffet Right Now!

Solaire Fresh Back

Solaire has been open for a while, and even though we’ve visited Solaire at least once every other month, we’ve never actually dined at their buffet.

Solaire’s buffet restaurant is called Fresh, and it is located in one of the corners of the casino floor. The reason we haven’t tried it before was the high price. It used to be more than P3,000+ per person, if I recall, and since we did not hear any buzz about it, I had just assumed that it was just another run of the mill buffet. Haha, am I the only one who thinks of cologne or perfume whenever I hear the restaurant’s name, Fresh?

This is the view coming from the casino area:Solaire Fresh Front

Another factor why we haven’t tried Fresh was because we got frightened off eating at Solaire when it first opened – they priced everything so high, people literally got sticker shock. We ate a tiny plate of Beef Hofan and it cost P700+! A meal at their other restaurants needed a budget of over P2,000 per person or higher and I doubt I would be full (baka gutom pa ako). Over time, they relaxed a bit and adjusted their prices to somewhere more acceptable to patrons, but even though the food was always very good, we just never tried eating at Solaire again unless it was at the Solaire food court (P300-700 price range per dish) or during parties held there.

A few days ago, a friend of mine invited me to try Fresh. I had never really explored it inside – it’s actually very nice! There’s even a waterfall at the back. The restaurant has a very nature-inspired, relaxing ambience, with lots of plants and flower arrangements. Solaire has always been the best-looking casino for me, and is the best-maintained. I should not have expected any less of its buffet restaurant.

Solaire Fresh Interiors 3

Solaire Fresh Interiors 1

Notice the flowers! I love the greenery at Solaire, it makes the place so relaxing and resort-like, but it’s air-conditioned, my must-have for this summer!

Solaire Fresh Interiors 2



When I scanned the buffet offerings, I noticed that they had lobster! YUP, LOBSTER! You can get as much as you want, and you can have it cooked the way you want, too! OMG, that’s like UNLI-LOBSTER!


I also noticed that that they had a wine station. When I asked, they said that it was included in the buffet!

ONLY P2,287.50 NET!

I asked how much the buffet was, and I am not joking, the buffet price is ONLY P2,287.50 net per person! I was like, are you kidding?! Seriously? Unli-lobster and  unli-wine, plus all the other good stuff, and it’s all less than P2,300? This was the best thing I have heard about any decent hotel buffet. This is the best hotel buffet deal I have heard of so far!

Okay, Solaire, you made a comeback and I love you now. 

Fresh Solaire Buffet Prices

P2287.50 net Sunday – Thursday dinner ; P2832.14 net Friday & Saturday dinner

I told my dad about this buffet and he is so excited to try it with his buddies using their senior discount pa, hahaha!

Here’s one of the chefs, Eugene, telling us about the buffet. I didn’t get his full name. He just told me, next time I’m back at Fresh, to look for him, Eugene. Yes, sir! 

Solaire Fresh Eugene

The buffet area is L-shaped, here’s a general overview:

Solaire Fresh Buffet Area 1

Solaire Fresh Buffet Area 2

So let me give you a tour of the food stations –

Japanese station – just the usual sushis and sashimis, and freshly-fried tempura

Solaire Fresh Japanese Station

Italian Station:

Fresh Solaire Italian Station

Solaire Fresh Italian Pasta

Barbecue and Grill station:

Solaire Fresh BBQ Grill

Roast Beef:

Solaire Fresh Roast Beef

Appetizers and Salad station – different kinds of fresh salads, from pasta salads, to pomelo salads, to tuna salad. Cold cuts and smoked meats and fish are in the station beside it.

Fresh Solaire Appetizers and Salads

Check this out, fresh mozzarella!

Fresh Solaire Appetizers and Salads Fresh Mozzarella

This salad is so pretty and colorful!

Fresh Solaire Appetizers and Salads 2

Kingfish Gravlax:

Solaire Fresh Kingfish Gravlax

There’s a Ceasar Salad station! Their Ceasar Salad is also quite good! Make sure to tell the guy you want anchovies on your salad or he might assume you don’t want it. I like that he’s mixing the salad in the cheese round.  for presentation!

Solaire Fresh Ceasar Salad 1

Solaire Fresh Ceasar Salad 2

Solaire Fresh Ceasar Salad 3

Solaire Fresh Ceasar Salad 4

Fresh Seafood is over here:

Solaire Fresh Seafood

You can request them to cook some lobsters, crab, squid, etc… according to your preference – do you like it cooked in garlic butter, steamed, with cheese? Just request them to cook it for you! 

Solaire Fresh Lobster Garlic Butter

Solaire Fresh Lobsters 1

Solaire Fresh Lobsters

You can even request for some lobster pasta:

Solaire Fresh Lobster Pasta

They do have some already cooked lobsters available at the buffet area if you don’t want to wait.

Here are some steamed crabs with ginger and leeks:

Solaire Fresh Crabs

Chinese Station:

Solaire Fresh Chinese Station

Solaire Fresh Chinese Station 2

Lumpia Station:

Solaire Fresh Lumpia Station

They also have a Pancit Luglug station:

Solaire Fresh Pancit Luglug Station

Here’s the drinks station with unlimited wine, beer and other drinks:

Solaire Fresh Wine Station

Solaire Fresh Sparkling White Wine

For dessert, they actually have several stations –

Solaire Fresh Desserts

Solaire Fresh Dessert 2

Kakanin and fresh fruits:

Solaire Fresh Desserts Native


I am going to Solaire not just for casual gambling, but now, I’m more excited to return to their buffet! It should tell you something that I am more determined to go back to Solaire for Fresh rather than to gamble, haha.

Food-wise, Solaire has never failed me. I have never had a poor food experience at Solaire. You know how party food sometimes is poor quality, over-cooked, dry and tasteless because the kitchen has a hard time coping with the big volume? I have never experienced that at Solaire. And Fresh has maintained that good reputation for me – the food is fresh, delicious and perfect.

Aside from that, I was pretty happy with my Solaire Fresh buffet experience, and I think for the price, it’s very value-for-money. You really can’t beat a buffet that’s less than P2,300 net and already includes unli-lobster, unli-wine, beer and other drinks, fresh sashimi, roasted meat carvings, grilled meats, real, fresh mozzarella, made-to-order Ceasar Salad, etc… Sobrang sulit na talaga, especially if you like lobster!

I highly recommend this buffet! If you haven’t tried it yet, please check it out. 

Also, you’ll be happy to know that Solaire still has FREE PARKING!

Please check their schedule before you go. They only have dinner on weekdays. I think lunch is only available on Sundays.

Fresh at Solaire
Solaire Resort & Casino, Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City, Parañaque City
For reservations, call 888-8859

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4 thoughts on “Solaire Fresh Buffet – Most Sulit Buffet Right Now!

  1. Kinny

    You are an angel! I was looking for a good buffet restaurant that won’t cost the earth and came across this article of yours. I always avoided Solaire restaurants aside from Red Lantern because I always felt robbed. 3,599 for a steak dinner without drinks. Huh! Now I am taking my Mom in law to Fresh because of your informative blog. Thanks so much!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Wow, thank you for the compliment, Kinny! 🙂 It really makes me happy to hear that people get some useful information from the blog! I know right, the prices at the other restaurants at Solaire do feel like highway robbery 😀

      Have a nice time at Fresh! 🙂


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