Shiseido Vita Perfection RX Facial Review – Awesome No Pricking, No Pain Facial

Shiseido Vita Perfection RX Facial Review

I received a complimentary facial from Shiseido from one of the beauty events that I was invited to, and this week I finally used it. Here’s my Shiseido facial review.

I was getting a lot of whiteheads already, it’s been about 6 months since I last had a facial cleaning. It was time to get another one, and I know it because I can feel the whiteheads on my face.

So I booked an appointment at Shiseido SM Makati (ground floor, makeup area). I can’t remember if I have ever used Shiseido products before, I think my mom used them for a time when I was younger.

Shiseido SM Makati

Anyway, I think this is my first time to use Shiseido products and I was pretty excited. The beauty consultant, JB, recommended the Vita Perfection RX Facial (P1,900). She says that this is their best one – it’s supposed to brighten and lighten the skin, and make the skin more youthful.

The only difference for me is that she’ll only be doing the face (since it was just complimentary), whereas the regular facial includes the neck.



JB was the one who did my facial (she’s shy and didn’t want her picture taken). I asked about the facial and she told me that they did not do pricking. Instead, they vacuum the whiteheads and blackheads away. I was initially skeptical, because all my previous experiences with vacuums during facials were just cursory vacuuming, and most of the whiteheads were removed with pricking.

She assured me that vacuuming can get the whiteheads and blackheads.

The room was pretty small, but it’s well lit and there’s a locker where customers can store their things.

Shiseido SM Makati Room

So, here’s my “Before” picture. Since I knew I was going to get a facial, I did not put anything on my face at all. No makeup, no moisturizer, nothing. Clean face. That’s why my skin is looking a little dry. This selfie was taken with Beauty Mode set to 0. I don’t like wearing makeup to go to a facial because they won’t be able to remove all the makeup as thoroughly as I want, and I really don’t want my facials contaminated with makeup.

Shiseido Facial Before

So JB inspected my skin and told me that the some of the whiteheads on my forehead won’t be removed by the vacuuming and need to be pricked, but they don’t do pricking. I’m okay with that. I kinda guessed that the stubborn whiteheads need to be removed with pricking. I told her that I will just get them pricked next time.

Shiseido Facial Before 2

JB started the steam machine, then applied cleanser on my skin, wiped it off, put some hot towels on my face, and even pulled up my chin with the hot towel (like a facelift 🙂 ). To be honest, I can’t remember all the steps she did – there were a lot of steps.

I can’t even remember the proper order of the steps, so the things I’m going to say will probably not be in order. I was very relaxed to really take notice of what was happening 🙂

There was vacuuming – compared to other facials I have experienced before, the vacuuming here was very thorough. Without doing any pricking at all, the vacuuming alone was able to remove more whiteheads than I would have guessed, and got almost 90% of the whiteheads on my face. If you are afraid of people pricking your skin with needles to get whiteheads out, this is the way to go. They just open up your pores and suck the whiteheads out, basically. There is no pain nor discomfort – there’s a very tiny part of your skin being vacuumed at a time, but it’s not painful.

So here is all the gunk that got vacuumed out:

Shiseido Facial Vacuum Gunk

After vacuuming, she put a mask on my face.

Shiseido Facial Mask

I think next was the facial massage. Now, the massage! It was the best facial massage ever! I get body massages a lot, but when they get to the face, they always just press on the temples and under the eyes / side of the nose and that’s it. But the Shiseido facial massage kneaded every part of the face – the forehead, the cheeks, the massage was thorough and unhurried. It was just very relaxing. It’s one of those things that made me feel that there’s something to live for in this world – it’s that good. 🙂

Towards the end of the facial, JB applied softener to my face – this is to soften the skin so it can absorb the moisturizer better. After softener, she applied a moisturizer, then eye cream.

Here are the products that she used on me:

Shiseido Facial Products Used

Click to enlarge


Here’s my face right after the facial (again, selfie Beauty Mode 0). Excuse the messy hair! 😀 Sorry, I still look shocked as I just came out of my facial coma.  As you can see, there’s no irritation or red bumps like with other facials. Check out the smaller pores. My skin felt great!

Shiseido Facial After

Also, since there was no pricking involved, unlike regular facials, there’s nothing that I need to avoid doing after the facial. I can wash my face, take a shower, do anything right after.

It got all the whiteheads on my nose, and we all know the nose is the one that has the most whiteheads! I was amazed at how many whiteheads it was able to get. My face felt really smooth except for the few whiteheads on my forehead that remained.

My skin felt very nourished and moisturized.

But of course, for me, I usually only notice the best results a few days after. I had the facial on Wednesday, today is Friday, and after I washed my face this morning I was shocked at how bright my skin looked! It looked rejuvenated and about 2 shades brighter / whiter.


The Shiseido facial, especially the massage, is really very good. It’s expensive, and a luxury, but if you take care of your skin, you don’t really need to get a facial that often; and you can get this for yourself as a treat.

I would recommend this for people who don’t like to have pricking done, but still want to have their face cleaned of whiteheads and blackheads. It won’t get all the whiteheads / blackheads, but it should get most of it.

Pricking is still the way to go if you want to get all of the whiteheads / blackheads off of your face. This was a very nice experience, and it’s something that I would treat myself to for my birthday or something, or maybe if I’m feeling really blue and need a pick me up 🙂

Shiseido SM Makati
Contact No. : 400-80-38

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