Romantic Baboy P499 Unli KBBQ Review (Eastwood) – Certified Sulit!

Romantic Baboy Exterior

I had heard about very popular Romantic Baboy before, but since the branches were all so far away (or still “Opening Soon”), it wasn’t until last Saturday night that I was able to convince J to take me there 🙂

The Romantic Baboy branch we went to was in Eastwood. It is not actually inside Eastwood City, but is in a nearby building (Intrepid Plaza). To get there, if you are parked inside Eastwood, you just walk out to the Citibank building to the “entrance” of Eastwood City, facing the street, turn left, and the next plaza-like structure with restaurants should be Intrepid Plaza. Landmark: Ministop.

Romantic Baboy is located towards the back left corner on the ground floor of Intrepid Plaza. We were going to have a very late dinner because we were shopping until 10PM at the recent SM Megamall 3-Day Sale. We arrived at Romantic Baboy at around 11PM. They close at 2AM. We thought there wouldn’t be any wait anymore, but even at that hour, we were third on the waiting list! We finally got a table at 12 midnight. They told us that they had run out of lettuce, but we said it was okay and finally had dinner.

Romantic Baboy Interiors

Romantic Baboy Interiors 2


Service was fast, the staff quickly filled our table with sauces and banchan. Soup and rice were also included in the unli-KBBQ deal, but they don’t include drinks, just water.

Romantic Baboy Sauces

Romantic Baboy Utensils Water

Romantic Baboy Banchan

The banchan included some green onion salad, some cabbage salad, japchae, pork patty, etc… You can ask for refills.

The unlimited Korean BBQ grill promo is P499 per person. These are the meats that are included:

Romantic Baboy Menu

The grill used charcoal 🙂 We prefer the smokiness from a charcoal grill, however, the heat from a charcoal grill is difficult to control, and ours was too hot. We had to take care not to burn our meats.

The grill has this divider plate thing which has: beaten egg with seasonings, kimchi, and cheese! As the grill heats up, this plate should also heat up and cook the eggs and melt the cheese. You can ask for refills of the eggs, cheese and kimchi if you wish. The cheese is just grated cheese.

Romatic Baboy Dips

Romantic Baboy Meats

You can see the edges of the scrambled eggs starting to cook, you just cook it however you like.

Romantic Baboy Grilling

Cheese dip! The cheese dip is one of the things that attracted me to check out Romantic Baboy. It’s not a very common thing to see in unli KBBQ offerings yet, in fact, of all the ones that I have tried, this seems to be the only place that offers it with their unli KBBQ. I did see something like this at Jin Joo, but it was for an a la carte dish.

Romantic Baboy Cheese Dip

At the end of our meal, they gave me a rose. Romantic Baboy is romantic! 😀

Romantic Baboy Rose


I am addicted to unli-KBBQ! I can’t help myself – there’s just something about freshly grilled meat and a variety of banchan that just appeals to me, and now, with the cheese dip, they are irresistible!!!

We mostly ordered the thinly sliced beef/pork, the ones that look like bacon. From our experience, those type of cuts are just something we found we preferred – they are easy to cook, not too fatty, and easy to eat. The thicker types like samgyup, we find them harder to cook and they’re not as flavorful. Since most of the meats are fatty, I prefer to have most of the fat melt off the meats before eating them, but I try to make sure that they don’t burn while cooking.

As for the meats, they all started to kind of taste the same… I only remembered the taste of the bulgogi and the spicy beef of our first round, hahaha. In terms of meat quality and “timpla” of the meats, Jin Joo’s unli bbq tastes better. But, for P499 and with everything you get, plus the free rose, it’s still a very good deal.

Service was fast. The staff was obviously used to this and were efficient at refills. When they see that our grill is too “burned”, they offer to replace the grills.

Ambiance: typical, but looks cleaner than most

For the price of P499 net per person, this is a very affordable unli Korean barbecue grill offer, with 10 kinds of meats, made better by the addition of the cheese and eggs! Certified sulit! 🙂

Here’s the link to my review of the P499 unli bbq of Jin Joo Korean Grill, which I personally like better:


Romantic Baboy Operating Hours


Romantic Baboy (Libis Branch)
Intrepid Plaza, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City

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