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Taiwan Excellence Philconstruct

I visited the Taiwan Excellence booth at Philconstruct exhibit today. Philconstruct is the Building Construction Material, Equipment and Sanitary ware Industry trade fair, which is currently ongoing from November 8 to 11, at the SMX Convention Center & World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Yup, the exhibit is too big and requires two venues! Anyway, the Taiwan Excellence booth is located at the SMX Convention Center beside the Mall of Asia. I always enjoy checking out the Taiwan Excellence booth because I always find something new and innovative.


My favorite range of products are actually these suction hook items. I am personally having problems with my suction cup soap tray in our kitchen sink. The thing keeps detaching from the wall and falling! So, of course, I was very interested in these suction products exhibited at the Taiwan Excellence booth.

Taiwan Excellence Philconstruct Hook Suction Power

Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co., Ltd. (FECA)

I tested the single hook – it actually sticks, and I was told one of them have tried hanging 10 kgs from it and the hook suction can handle it! Not only that, we tested it on a waffled tile surface, and the suction was able to hold and stay quite well. That is amazing. Normally, other suction cups would not work on a surface that is not 100% flat and smooth.

Taiwan Excellence Philconstruct Hook Suction Power 2

Everything on this wall is attached with the suction – even the basketball hoop on the left!

They have a whole range of these suction products – from single hooks to towel racks. If you are renting and cannot make permanent changes to your space, these are not only a great solution, but they are also quite safe to use – no drilling on walls necessary! They are also very convenient, because you can easily change their location as you wish – they stay in place when you need them to, and when you want to move them, they can be easily removed by just flipping a lever. I also find them cute, with their assorted candy colors.


Another product that caught my eye was this screen door. This screen door can be installed without any hazardous tracks on the floor. For people who need to move strollers and wheelchairs, this would be so convenient! It’s also safer for children and family members with mobility problems because there are no tracks that can cause them to trip and fall.

Taiwan Excellence Philconstruct Taroko Screen 2

Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc.

Taiwan Excellence Philconstruct Taroko Screen

There are several kinds of the screens available  – there is the privacy type where it’s opaque, and there are mesh types, as well. This company also offers removable screens – sometimes you just need temporary barriers in the home for some reason or other – maybe for child-proofing certain areas, etc…


Being a short girl, I need my ladders, so these super safety ladders also caught my attention. They have different kinds of ladders with safety features such as being able to “tie” the ladder onto say, a telephone pole that you’re working on, to ensure that the ladder doesn’t slip or fall. You can check out the different ladder models in the video below.

These companies are looking for local partners, distributors and manufacturers. If you are interested in checking them out, please visit them at the Taiwan Excellence booth at the Philconstruct fair at the SMX Convention Center (beside the Mall of Asia), they’ll be there until November 11!


About Philconstruct and Taiwan Excellence

Philconstruct, recognized as the biggest construction show in the country, is credited for having helped define the landscape of building and construction in the country for over two decades by creating a space for manufacturers to showcase industry-related items such as building materials and components, construction equipment and materials, building accessories, construction accessories, and essentials, interior design materials, exterior design products, and construction machinery.

As one of the larger exhibitors, Taiwan Excellence brings with it a selection of brands that have been recognized as some of the best that the country has to offer. Taiwan Excellence is an organization that reviews and recognizes all Taiwanese products and grants awards to products that are found to be exceptionally superior. During this year’s Philconstruct expo, Taiwan Excellence will not only be exhibiting their most elite brands on site, but they will also be hosting a seminar discussing the strengths and benefits of their featured brands. Carrying the theme “Smart Constructions for Smart Cities”, this afternoon-long seminar will be held on November 8 at meeting rooms 5 and 6 of the SMX Convention Center.

During the trade fair, ten Taiwanese companies will be at the forefront of the Taiwan Excellence exhibit. These forward-thinking innovators in the Asian construction industry will also be represented by various stakeholders to hold prospective business meetings with potential clients and other interested parties.

Each one of these ten companies is a proud recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award, bestowed upon them for outstanding performance in four aspects: Research and Development, Design, Quality, and Marketing.

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