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Nanyang Exteriors Bonifacio High Street

A few weeks ago, I was invited to lunch at the recently opened Nanyang branch in Bonifacio High Street.

This new restaurant brand serves Singaporean food in a fast casual setting, but also provides enough ambience where you’ll feel like having coffee and snacks. This branch in BHS is located inside Breadtalk, at the C7 area near the Serendra side.

One of my favorites to order at Nanyang is their Kaya Toast and Coffee Combo. If you order a Traditional Toast (P70), you can upgrade to a Toast Set Meal with 2 half-boiled eggs and Kopi / Teh at 50% off the original price. I usually get the Kopi (P100). The total for this set is just P135 ( 1 kaya toast, 1 kopi, 2 half-boiled eggs ).

This sure beats spending almost P200 just for a frap elsewhere!

Nanyang Interiors Bonifacio High Street

What is kaya toast?

It is the most well-known breakfast item in Singapore! It’s a sandwich made from toasted sliced bread, filled with a coconut egg pandan jam called kaya, and cold slices of butter. Very simple, but very delicious.

Nanyang Making Kaya

Nanyang Kaya Toast

If you haven’t tried kaya before, prepare to taste a slice of heaven. When I first had kaya in Singapore, I loved it so much I made it a point to go buy a few bottles of kaya to take back home. I went through all the trouble of carefully wrapping the glass jars of kaya in multiple layers of clothes. Masira na yung damit, huwag lang yung kaya, hahaha.

Fortunately, kaya is now available at Nanyang so I don’t need to do this anymore. 🙂 They have four flavors. I always end up just ordering the traditional one, but I really need to be more adventurous and try the other flavors!

Nanyang Hainanese Kaya

Nanyang Kayamila Kaya Vanilla Pandan

Nanyang Kayamila Kaya Sea Salt Caramel

Nanyang Kayamila Kaya Calamansi Citrus

So, how do people eat the kaya toast?

What most people do is they crack open the soft-boiled eggs into a small bowl. It’s up to you if you want to season the egg with some salt, pepper, soy sauce, etc… Then you may dip the toast into the eggs before eating, much like the British breakfast staple, boiled eggs and soldiers.

Nanyang Kaya Toast Dip

I also enjoy Nanyang’s Singapore-style coffee – they use the sock to make coffee 🙂 But that day,  I chose to have the Kopi Jelly Milk Tea (P130):

Nanyang Kopi Jelly Milk Tea

Coffee guide:

Nanyang Singapore Coffee Lingo


Nanyang also serves other Singaporean favorites like Laksa (Fish Ball or Prawn, P268). Even though it’s a “fast food” laksa, I find the flavor of Nanyang’s laksa very good and very close to what I expect laksa to taste like. It is creamy from coconut milk, and fragrant and (slightly) spicy from the spices and herbs you’d expect to find in a laksa. It does not taste like it came from a bottled laksa mix. I really like Nanyang’s laksa soup itself and would have no problem drinking it all, although I am not crazy about the noodles in the laksa.

This one is the Laksa (Prawn):

Nanyang Laksa

Another popular dish that I always see many customers ordering is the Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodle (P238).

Nanyang Cheesy Chicken Chop

This is Nanyang’s Hainanese Chicken Rice (P268) – the chicken is usually served steamed/boiled, but you may also request for it fried. I like how they serve it with all the sauces and vegetable, just like how I had this at a Singapore hawker centre.

Nanyang Hainanese Chicken Rice

Nanyang Menu:

Nanyang Menu


I like Nanyang. I find the food consistent and the dishes flavorful, and not only for when I have a Singapore food craving. I actually like hanging out here, and I like that they have “real food” as opposed to only cakes and sandwiches available at other coffeeshops. I’m Asian and I like my rice, noodles, spices and herbs! 😀

Nanyang is much more affordable than going to a full banquet restaurant, and the food arrives quickly. It’s consistent Singapore food that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you go with the promos. My recommendations are the kaya toast and the laksa, and kopi, too, of course!

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