Mega Prime Launches Canned Corn and Mushroom

MegaPrime Souprise Canned Vegetables

There’s a new brand of canned vegetables available in the market!

Mega Global Corporation, the company behind the Mega brand of canned seafood, has recently launched their own brand of canned vegetables. The brand is named Mega Prime Quality, and I was invited to witness the launch at Enderun Colleges a couple of weeks ago. They also used this opportunity to introduce their brand ambassador, Primetime Queen and busy mom, Marian Rivera-Dantes.

MegaPrime Souprise Marian Rivera

The products that they currently have out in the market are canned corn (whole kernel corn and cream-style corn), canned mushrooms (whole mushrooms, and pieces & stems), and canned green peas.

While these can be used for various recipes, Mega Prime Quality recommends using them in soup, especially during these cold, rainy months. The event was even dubbed “Rainy Day SOUPrise” to emphasize this point.

MegaPrime Souprise Canned Vegetables Easy Open

Mega Prime Quality’s canned vegetables all feature easy-open cans, perfect for busy moms who can’t waste those few extra minutes to hunt for a can opener and to open the can. And speaking of busy moms, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera was there to show us how to make soup using Mega Prime mushrooms.

MegaPrime Souprise Canned Mushroom Marian Rivera

Here’s a video of the recipe:

Inspired, I used the Mega Prime Creamed Corn to make Chinese-style Corn Soup because that is one of my favorite soups. I used this simple recipe. Hot soup on the table in less than 10 minutes!

Mega Prime SOUPrise Creamed Corn Soup

Mega Prime Quality and Hanabishi, a local appliance brand, have also recently partnered up to cross-promote each other’s brands during their events and marketing campaigns. You’ll be seeing more of them together in the future.

You can check out Mega Prime Quality’s Facebook page for more recipes!

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