McDonald’s Celebrates National Breakfast Day 2017

5th National Breakfast Day

Earlier this morning, I woke up very early to head to McDonald’s National Breakfast Day celebration at their Valero branch in Makati.

They were giving away free breakfast sandwiches like the Burgerdesal, the Egg McMuffin and the Sausage McMuffin from 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM, and the lines were long but people lined up to take part in #NationalBreakfastDay!

McDonald’s endorsers DongYan had a quick stop at the branch, but there were too many people all over them so this was the best picture that I was able to take:

Dingdong Dantes McDonald's National Breakfast 2017

Since 2015, McDonald’s Philippines has been celebrating National Breakfast Day by creating Early Risers videos showing deserving, hardworking, early rising people being given free breakfasts. This year’s National Breakfast Day video follows Mrs. Santiago, a teacher from Makati High School who has woken up at 4 AM every day for 30 years to make the long journey to her school. The video also shows her students and former students talking about how she has impacted their lives.

Get ready for a touching tribute to a deserving and dedicated teacher:

McDonald’s Philippines invited media to watch the first public release of Good Morning, Teacher!

McDonald's National Breakfast 2017 Media Kenneth Yang

According to McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO, Kenneth S. Yang, this year, they have given away more than 400,000 breakfast sandwiches. Last year, they gave free breakfasts to people who are already up and awake earlier than everybody else, like LRT staff and drivers, vendors, fishermen, etc…

My favorite McDonald’s breakfast sandwich is their McMuffin – either an Egg McMuffin or a Sausage & Egg McMuffin. For times when I want something more substantial to help me face a tough day, I go for their Longganisa Rice Meal. How about you? What’s your favorite McDonald’s breakfast?

Hope you’re having your Best Monday Ever!

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