How to Register to Netflix Philippines Tutorial

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So Netflix is now finally available in the Philippines! You can read my quick review of Netflix Philippines to find out what I think of the new service.

If you are interested to find out what Netflix is all about, and would like to register to Netflix Philippines but are not sure how to go about it, read on to see step by step instructions.


First of all, you are going to need a credit card or a Paypal account. There’s just no getting around it, unfortunately.

  1. Go to, it should automatically bring you to the Netflix Philippines page.Netflix Philippines Start Your Free Trial
  2. Click “Start Your Free Month” to get your 1-month trial. You will be shown another page where you get to pick which plan you want. This will be the plan you will be on after your trial expires. I chose the Standard Plan (P460). Click Continue.Netflix Philippines Plans
  3. Create your account. Enter your email address and password. Click Register.Netflix Philippines Sign Up Info
  4. Next is the payment screen where you enter your payment details.Netflix Philippines Payment Details
  5. Welcome to Netflix! It shows you your account details.Netflix Philippines Welcome
  6. Create profiles for the people in your household who will be using Netflix. This way, the show suggestions can be personalized based on each profile’s viewing habits.Netflix Philippines Create Profiles
  7. You can create child profiles here.Netflix Philippines Kids Profile
  8. Choose the shows that appeal to you. It doesn’t matter if you have already seen the shows or not. Just pick them based on your interests. You can pick more than 3. This will be the initial basis to build your profile’s interests so Netflix can make suggestions it thinks you will like.Netflix Philippines Choose 3 Build Profile
  9. Here, you can choose which shows you would like to start watching:
    Netflix Philippines BrowseNetflix Philippines Browse Categories Netflix Philippines Sample Shows 2 Netflix Philippines Sample Shows
  10. This is the one for kids:

    Netflix Philippines Kids Categories

    Click to enlarge

  11. This is what streaming on Netflix looks like. You can change the audio and subtitle languages.

    Netflix Philippines Playback Screenshot Audio Languages Subtitles

    Click to enlarge


By default, Netflix has your streaming quality set on Auto. What I found is that with this setting, I usually get poor quality streams. I watch Netflix on a TV and low quality streams look really awful (actually it is on a laptop that is connected to a TV with an HDMI cable).

My DSL internet speed is 3 Mbps. I changed my setting to High and did not have problems with playback. Playback was showing good quality streams, and I did not encounter any buffering or stuttering. Do note, though, that I tend to watch Netflix at night after dinner (8pm onwards).

To set your Netflix streaming quality to Low, Medium or High, you can change the settings by going to Your Account. You can get to Your Account by clicking your profile name on the upper right of the Netflix screen. You should get a dropdown list and see Your Account.

When you get to the Your Account page, look for Playback Settings under My Profile.

Netflix Philippines Change Streaming Quality HD Netflix Philippines Playback Settings

Any changes you make here will only affect one profile. If you want all your profiles to be set to use High quality streaming, you have to do this for each profile.

I hope this helps! I know not everyone is tech-savvy or at ease using these kinds of services. I hoped that I have helped you even a little. Enjoy!

Want to know more? Read my quick review of Netflix vs. iflix vs. HOOQ!

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    pano pag papalitan ng email? kapag mag reregister palang po kasi po mali po yung account na na nalagay e pati po yung sa card? salamat po sa tulong


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