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Fat Fook BGC Globe Tower

The other day, I attended the media launch of the fifth Fat Fook branch. This latest branch is in BGC, on the ground floor of the Globe Tower, right on 32nd street, somewhere across the street from S&R and MC Home Depot.


I have heard good things about Fat Fook from Chinoy foodie friends who know Taiwanese cuisine. My Taiwanese food knowledge is limited to a few trips to Taiwan.

Fat Fook is owned and managed by the same group that operates Ramen Nagi. It was conceptualized by the group’s executive chef, Rachel Kao, who was born in Taiwan and grew up in the Philippines.

The name Fat Fook “發福” means “improving good fortune” in Chinese. I did think it was kind of odd that Fat Fook sounds Cantonese, but the food is Taiwanese… I totally understand this name in every sense but I still chuckle every time I hear it 😀

Fat Fook BGC Media Launch


The food at Fat Fook takes you on a trip to Taiwan. Many of the Taiwanese night market and street food staples are on the menu.

Here are the dishes that I liked out of the ones I was able to try:

Truffle Xiao Long Bao (P198 for 5pcs, P318 for 8 pcs) – this had a good amount of filling and the creamy, smooth scent of truffle. Definitely a must-order for me when I return.

Fat Fook Truffle Xiao Long Bao

Oyster Misua (P98) – seriously? This soup is only P98?! I liked this, it tasted very much of the sea. If you haven’t guessed already, I like oysters. 😀

Fat Fook Oyster Misua

Fat Fook Chicken Chop (P238) – you just can’t go to a Taiwanese street food place and not get a chicken chop! They serve the spiced salt on the side, so you can sprinkle more of it over the chicken for more spice and salt. They have a Spicy and a Cheese version coming out soon!

Fat Fook Chicken Chop

Oyster Omelette (P258) – I liked Fat Fook’s combination of fried egg, sweet chili sauce, and the paste underneath was just simply oyster-flavored cooked starch slurry, yet it was unmistakably comforting. A word of caution: always be careful when eating oysters – take this from somebody who has survived food poisoning a few times from eating oysters.

Fat Fook Oyster Cake

Fat Fook Oyster Cake Inside

I’m including the Braised Beef Tendon (P298) just because it’s not a common dish that you can find in other Chinese restaurants and it’s very affordable here. This dish is also full of collagen. Fat Fook’s version is still a bit on the crispy side, whereas I prefer my beef tendons to be melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Fat Fook Braised Beef Tendon Hotpot

Take Out Menu

Fat Fook has a takeout corner where you can order your dishes to go. Check out their milk tea, which is only P88 for this big size! Here I got the Taro Milk Tea with Pearl and Nata de Coco. Camera for scale.

Fat Fook Taro Milk Tea

They did say that they will be updating the packaging for the milk tea in a few months. This tub size is a bit bulky to drink out of 🙂

Fat Fook Takeout Menu

Other dishes:

Kiampeng (P358) – sticky rice flavored with soy sauce, tiny dried shrimps, etc… not bad!

Fat Fook Kiampeng

Stinky Tofu (P198) – this smells really stinky! Not my thing, but I tried it anyway. The tofu itself was smooth, but I just can’t get over the smell. Some people who are used to eating this might like it, just not me.

Fat Fook Stinky Tofu

Fried Chicken Skin – this is a new dish that they will be adding to the menu soon. It is not greasy at all. Ms. Kao told us that the secret is quickly frying it at high temperatures, which also forces the oil from the chicken skin out.

Fat Fook Chicken Skin


I did not expect the prices at Fat Fook to be this affordable – for a restaurant that is located in malls and central BGC, the pricing is at par with eateries in Binondo. Instead of tacky interiors, this Fat Fook branch in BGC looks clean and modern, but still Oriental.

I recommend the Truffle XLB. It’s really good and for the price, you can’t find a better deal that’s also delicious. While I liked the Oyster Cake, I am hesitant to recommend it because eating oysters can be tricky – every time I eat oysters I am fully aware that it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Be that as it may, I would still reorder it when I return.

The Taro Milk Tea is only P188 for that big size! I can definitely taste the taro. This is different from the more commercial milk tea flavorings that we may be used to. It’s on the sweeter side and has a strong taro flavor and texture, but I like it.

FREE WIFI – this place also provides free wifi. Parking – none. You may park at the various parking facilities nearby.

All in all, Fat Fook is an affordable restaurant to get your Taiwanese food fix, and they now have 5 branches around Metro Manila so they are more accessible 🙂


Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen
Ground Floor, The Globe Tower, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FatFookManila
Hours: 11AM – 10PM

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