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Equilibrio Pet Food Media Launch

L-R: Lorenzo A. Mapua, Managing Director, Neovia Philippines, Neovia models, and Gerald Ettinger, Global Petcare, Marketing Manager, Neovia Philippines

The other day, I attended the media launch of Equilibrio, a super-premium brand of pet food.

I have actually never heard of Equilibrio before, but I was interested in the product because we currently have two mom cats and two 3-month old kittens.

What is Equilibrio?

Equilibrio is a super-premium pet food brand from the Neovia Group, a French animal nutrition company. The Equilibrio products are developed by French and Brazilian teams. What do they mean by super-premium? As I understand it, they said that their pet food is precisely formulated to meet the nutritional needs of our pets. They have specific products for specific pet needs.

They even have nutraceuticals in the pet food! Each of Equilibrio’s recipes and snacks has high nutrient assimilation, which helps in the reduction in stool volume. They are also specially manufactured with nutraceuticals, such as Yucca Schidegera that reduces stool odor, as well as prebiotics and probiotics that improve bowel transit time.

Equilibrio Johanna Emata

Neovia Philippines Marketing Manager Johanna Emata introducing Equilibrio

With its updated and modern formula, Equilibrio’s products are compatible with the highest nutritional concepts. Among its offerings are for food for Small Breed, All Breed, and Large Breed Puppies and Adult Dogs; as well as for Kittens and Adult Cats, even Veterinary Lines suited for pets that have special needs. For example, if a pet has specific needs such as if the pet is diabetic, or has kidney problems, Equilibrio has specific formulas for them.

Here are some of the Equilibrio products:

Equilibrio Products

Equilibrio Veterinary Lines Pet Food

They provided some samples of the pet food that we could check out, here’s what it looks like. I don’t know which specific pet food this is, sorry.

Equilibrio Pet Food

There were also quite a few veterinarians who attended the Equilibrio launch, and most of them concurred that pets who are sick do need to be fed special pet food that caters to their special nutritional requirements. When pets are sick, the one-size-fits-all type of pet food is just not enough for our fur babies’ needs.

Equilibrio claims to be a brand recognized and approved by veterinarians. Equilibrio for cats contains agents that help prevent the formulation and build-up of bacterial plaque, maintaining dental health.

Where Can You Buy Equilibrio?

Equilibrio products are now available for Filipino customers in selected credible pet food stores and veterinary clinics. Unfortunately, you can’t find Equilibrio in supermarkets. The reason for this, they explained, is that Equilibrio products tend to be very specifically tailored for certain pets and conditions, and that these need to be explained by vets and people who are knowledgeable about it. They did say that Equilibrio products are priced more affordably than the competition (in the super-premium category). I requested for the SRPs but I’m still waiting for that info. Will update this post when I get the pricing.

Neovia, makers of Equilibrio products, is a leading player in animal nutrition and health that operates in seven business lines such as complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health, and analysis laboratories.

To know more about Equilibrio, visit Neovia Philippines’ website at www.ph.neovia-group.com.


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