Easy Weight Loss with Laserfit at Contours

A few weeks ago, I tried out a new weight loss procedure called Laserfit from Contours Body Design Studio and I can say that it actually works. This was at the SM Megamall branch.

I really want to try to lose some weight for health reasons, and also to make buying clothes easier and to look better, as well.


Laserfit is a holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring. This is a combination of non-invasive full body cold laser exposure to melt fat, 10-minute interval training to burn the melted fats, and added nutritional recommendations and diet guide that leads to a holistic lifestyle. This is a program which provides fast results that is immediately visible as fast as after the second session.

There is no pain, no needles, no surgery!

How does it work?
Cold laser (Zerona) exposure releases fat from the body for 3 days. Daily 10 minute workouts are recommended to burn fats, trim down and lose weight.

Here’s a pic of the scientific explanation:



Here’s the SM Megamall branch of Contours:


I got a 6-session program. Here is the pricelist as of August 2016:


P7,500 per session, but the price per session goes down to P5,500 for a 12-session package.


I had a short consultation explaining the procedure to me. A Laserfit session includes 20 minutes of the cold laser working on the front of the body, and another 20 minutes for the back. After the laser, I will be asked to switch to workout clothes and I will be doing a 10-minute workout. Then it’s a 10-minute VibraTrim session.

So, you definitely need to bring workout clothes and shoes. I highly recommend using a good sports bra, it really does make a difference, making it easier to follow along with the workout video without worrying about your boobs moving all over the place.

It is also recommended to have the sessions 2-3 days apart for maximum effect.

The Laserfit is done in a private room:


Here’s the Zerona Cold Laser machine that is used for Laserfit:


You have to disrobe to your underwear, the less blocking the laser from reaching your body, the better. During the first session, they measured my arms, my tummy, my legs, etc.. after measuring, I was asked to lie down on the bed, and they gave me a pair of “sunglasses” to protect my eyes.

They positioned the Zerona machine above me and started the procedure. The Zerona machine did not touch me. It looked like a big metal X that was positioned over me. It started emitting red lasers that I could see on my body. I did not feel any pain, it actually didn’t feel like anything. They left me alone for 20 minutes. They didn’t put any lotion or gel or anything on me.

After 20 minutes, the attendant came back and asked me to turn over. Then I had the laser doing its thing on my back for another 20 minutes.

When it was finished, I was asked to change into workout clothes and to move to the workout room.


I followed along with a 10-minute exercise video from Popsugar Fitness. FYI, you can do 10-minute videos at home, too, just go to the Popsugar Fitness YouTube Channel and pick a video.

They have a yoga mat, weights, any equipment you might need. The entire Contours branch is air-conditioned.

The attendants check up on you to make sure you’re not cheating! 

After the 10-minute exercise, it was time for the VibraTrim! Hahaha, I think it’s my favorite part of the whole session. You stand on it and the machine “vibrates” you. I think it loosens the fats…  You can also do some other positions on the VibraTrim to target other parts of the body, you can sit, squat, do push-ups, twists.



The staff are attentive and are ready to hand you a glass of water. When you’re done, you can change back to your street clothes. That’s it! That’s what a Laserfit session entails.

They also ask you to continue doing 10-minute workouts every day at home and to eat healthy.


It’s not an instant miracle, but it definitely works. Even though I didn’t see a dramatic change in appearance, my fault for not being consistent with it, I noticed that I don’t keep the fat I eat as much, LOL, if that makes sense. It’s like the food I eat has nowhere to go and gets eliminated naturally.

I have far too much weight to lose than a mere 6 sessions can cure, so changes will not be as obvious to anyone except me. My clothes are looser, I feel better. I was able to fit into some of my old clothes! You know, those old clothes where I couldn’t close the buttons anymore, hahaha. I also feel lighter even many days after a session. I also feel like doing Laserfit jumpstarted my otherwise sluggish metabolism.

I don’t gain weight and fat as easily. And when I exercise, I feel like the fat melts off faster than before, especially around my waist. Before Laserfit, whenever I exercise, I feel like there’s no effect. After starting Laserfit, even a short workout on my own makes me feel like I lost more fat than I normally would.

Whenever I eat fatty food, and writing a lot about food it’s sometimes unavoidable, my body processes it quickly and tries to get rid of it. There’s no stomach pain or anything like that, so don’t worry. Everything is natural. I don’t know if this is a real side effect, but I like how it’s making my body less fat-absorbing

I feel like it could have had more impact if I had strictly followed the Laserfit guidelines, but life happens and I did the best I could. Still, because of all these positive changes I feel on my body from doing the Laserfit, I’m inspired to continue doing the 10-minute workouts as often as I can, and to continue on the journey to better health and weight loss.

The Laserfit sessions are really effective, and more so if you strictly follow their guidelines. It really takes discipline! I will definitely get some more sessions in the future when I feel like I’ve hit a plateau or when I really need to lose some stubborn pounds!

I recommend this for those who want some help losing weight, especially when mere exercising doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. This will really help you melt those last few pounds. It’s also non-invasive, so it’s great for people who are afraid of going under the knife. Laserfit makes the fat melt off faster when you exercise, making each exercise session more effective. The exercises are only 10-minute workouts, intense but not enough to kill you, for those afraid of exercise.  It’s also easier for me to continue doing them at home by myself since I can easily sneak in 10 minutes working out a few times a week. 10 minutes of working out doesn’t feel as daunting as doing a whole hour.

Challenge #1 – Traffic!

The Laserfit sessions were so easy and totally not a problem. My biggest challenge personally was getting to do the sessions 2x a week. It’s recommended to set an appointment. They discourage walk-ins and you probably won’t find a free slot available.

The sessions themselves only take about an hour to 1.5 hours, depending on how quickly you change in and out of your workout clothes, etc… My schedule is more flexible in the afternoon so that’s usually when I schedule my Laserfit appointments. However, the traffic going to SM Megamall and back home was terrible since the last few months. I would normally allot an hour to go from Sta. Mesa to SM Megamall, because that was how long it used to take, but it would end up taking 2-3 hours in the afternoon + time to find a parking spot. Yup, 3 hours of traffic for a mere distance of 5 kms along Shaw and San Miguel Ave! Sometimes I’d miss my sessions and have to reschedule.  By the time my session is done, it’s rush hour with worse traffic. Id just end up deciding to wait at the mall instead until after 9pm when traffic isn’t so bad. It’s not a bad way to spend an evening, but it takes up a lot of time that could have been spent more productively.

What I expected to be a one hour session ends up taking 6 hours or longer. I would have to block off the whole day as I would be spending most of it in traffic. It’s one of the reasons I have not been as consistent with doing my Laserfit as I should have been. This is not Contours’ fault, but the fault of the terrible traffic in Metro Manila and me trying to avoid it. The Contours staff are actually very helpful and would try to accommodate me if there was still a free slot within the day. FYI, the drive time from Megamall going back home after midnight is less than 10 minutes! Isn’t 3 hours of traffic in the afternoon just ridiculous?!

My traffic issues aside, the Laserfit really does work. Even I, who was not able to strictly follow all the recommendations, felt the difference. What more for someone who really follows everything? Go ahead and try out Laserfit! It really does melt your fats away.

Contours SM Megamall
5th floor of SM Megamall, near the entrance to Parking Bldg. C.
Contact # 635-4984 ; 0927-6308685
Website: http://contours.com.ph/

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