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SnR Discover the World Liquor

Who would think to buy whisky at S&R? But during my visits the past few months, I’ve been seeing more and more beverages from around the world.


In the past, S&R usually only had an aisle for wine, a few standard party drinks for cocktails and mixers, and just the usual Johnnie Walkers and Chivas.

Then over the past few months, I noticed that S&R’s liquor range growing. First I noticed Grey Goose Vodka, then Bushmills, Auchentoshan, Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack even, more Hennessey, and more varieties of Johnnie Walker.

And then sometime late last year, I had to do a double take! Is that for real? A Talisker? Lagavulin? Caol Ila? Cardhu? Hahaha, I had to pick up my tongue from the floor. 😋 Those are the whiskies I’ve heard so much about but have yet to try.

SnR Whiskey

I have been watching whiskey reviews from whiskey tasters and enthusiasts on YouTube, and while I was watching them rave about the niche whiskies, at the back of my mind, I always thought that the chances of me actually finding those bottles in Manila were slim. But not anymore! 🙂

I have heard of these different whiskies because of my current interest, but I never imagined that I would find them at S&R! I thought that I would have to go to specialty shops to find them, if at all, in the Philippines.

Whisky vs. whiskey spellingwhisky if it’s Scottish; whiskey for Irish, American and others

My whisky journey has only just begun, and I am still in the research phase, excited to try the different whiskies. I am still looking for my favorite drink. My current standard drink is Johnnie Walker Black, neat, but I am looking for something more intense, with a smoother, smokier finish, but still have aromatic, honey and floral notes. On the other hand, I am starting to appreciate peaty Islays that truly make me think of stormy seas.

Apparently, more and more people are getting into whiskies, too.

S&R even has the famous Japanese whiskies (Suntory)!

SnR Suntory

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They also have the popular American whiskies and bourbons:

SnR Bourbon

Whenever I drink good liquor, I feel that it brings to mind the place where it’s from (terroir, sort of). Lively chardonnays make me imagine grassy meadows scented with peach and apricots. Tequila is all about Viva la Mexico and of course, body shots 😀 The first time I tried a peaty Islay Scotch, I felt like I was beside a stormy seashore, complete with the smell of seaweed. Vodka, well, that just embodies hardy Russians who can survive the harshest winters. 😀

SnR Tequila

SnR Vodka

Check out these really special ones:

SnR Liquor

And let’s not forget beer! There’s beer from the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, and even from Taiwan. Who knew Taiwan produced beer? 🙂 And they even have beer from local microbrewer Crazy Carabao.

SnR Beer

SnR Beer 2

SnR Beer 3

I also really like this Amarula from South Africa. It’s similar to Bailey’s Irish Cream, but more caramelly. And you know how much I love caramel. It’s on Buy 1 Take 1 at P449, so take this opportunity to try it if you like creamy, caramelly liquor. This is what I take to girly sleepovers with the barkada. 🙂 My mom friends need a break from their kids, too. We have that one friend we usually do makeovers on, we try on new makeup, and we do face masks. And eat. And drink. And gossip, hahaha.

SnR Liquor Amarula

Whoever is handling the liquor selection at S&R, great job!!! ❤❤❤ There’s something for everybody – from beer drinkers, to wine lovers, to hard liquor aficionados.

S&R has managed to make most of the famous liquors of the world easily available to us, so we can enjoy them all without having to fly all over the world to get them.


Get ready for Members’ Treat! Get your fill of imported goodies from around the world during S&R’s Members’ Treat Sale. It’s going to be on March 14 – 18, 2018. That’s this Wednesday until Sunday!

There will be a lot of items on Buy 1 Take 1 and 50% OFF! Will you be there? I’ll definitely be there!

What to expect? There will surely be a lot of toiletry items on sale, as well as kitchen items, pillows, linens, food and chocolates, if past MT’s are any indication.

What’s more, I saw a sign when we gassed up at a Unioil where it says that the gas discount will be P5.00/L (gas) during the Members’ Treat Sale! So wait until Wednesday – Sunday before gassing up to get that discount!

SnR Members Treat March 2018

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