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Black Canyon Coffee Review – Not Just Coffee!

BLACK CANYON COFFEE, TUSCANY, MCKINLEY HILL Black Canyon Coffee is a large coffee house chain originating in Thailand. It now has more than 300 branches worldwide. While most of the branches are in Thailand, they have branched out to international locations in Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Dubai, Cambodia, China, Laos and Indonesia. The Black Canyon Coffee branch Read more »

Pegi Waffles – A Nice Place for Brunch

Remember Pegi Waffles? I do! Around a decade or so ago, it became a sought after item at Starbucks. I remember it always being sold out. People were crazy about the Belgian waffle piled high with whipped cream and syrup. Fast forward to the present – about a year ago, Pegi Waffles opened their own Read more »

Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp Review

Singing Cooks and Waiters is an icon – it is one of those restaurants where people usually bring their balikbayan relatives. It has been around for decades and people have started to take it for granted in favor of what’s “IN”. But recently, one of the next generation of Ongpaucos has taken over the management Read more »

PBCo Opens All New Cafe with Updated Menu!

Do you love peanut butter? My answer to that question is always, “it depends”. If the peanut butter is good, then yes, definitely, yes, I love peanut butter! But after discovering the Peanut Butter Company years ago, I realized how much I love peanut butter in food! For me, I really prefer peanut butter in Read more »

The Tuscany at McKinley Hill Restaurant Row

A few days ago, I attended a food crawl at the Tuscany area in McKinley Hill. The McKinley Hill area is home to various corporate offices and BPO/call centers. It also has several residential condominium developments. If you haven’t been there, please make it a point to check it out! The Tuscany at McKinley Hill Read more »