How to Make Clip Ref Magnets to Hang Stuff on the Fridge

Magnetic-Bulldog-Clip Towel Ref

I first saw magnetic bulldog clips for the refrigerator on the YouTube channel Pailin’s Kitchen. She teaches Thai cooking so if you like Thai food, check out her channel.

Anyway, we have at least 3 kitchen towels in use at any given time, and two of those are for drying dishes and pots. One is usually hung on the oven handle, but one or two towels are usually just left on the counter. This bugged me so I have been meaning to get one of those magnetic clips.

Bulldog Clips + Old Magnets + Glue Gun = Towel Holder!

But I can’t seem to find these magnetic bulldog clips, so I thought I’d just make my own. I keep forgetting, but now, it’s the start of the new year and I just made the effort to do this. I went to the mall and looked for big bulldog clips at the bookstore. These were just around P25 for the 2 metal clips. I didn’t buy any more magnets because I just used old magnets from broken refrigerator magnets. Thank goodness I didn’t throw the old magnets away! Luckily, their size fit well with the clip handle.

I thought about painting the metal clips, but it was too much effort to do it. Now all I needed to do to make my magnetic clip was my glue gun! Just glue the magnets to the clip. At first I only used one magnet per clip, but it wasn’t enough to hold the clip on refrigerator and it was sliding down once I clipped the towel. So I added another magnet and that was enough. That’s it! It’s such an easy project, unless you still want to paint the clips…


Note: Check if the metal clip or the magnets might scratch your refrigerator door. If you’re worried about it, just add some sort of pad to the area in the clip where you think it will scratch your ref. They sell felt stickers at the hardware (like Ace Hardware) that is supposed to be used under chair legs to prevent them from scratching floors, but you can totally use those felt stickers for this, just cut them to the size you need.

Also, when gluing with a glue gun, work quickly. If you let the glue cool before sticking the magnet, it won’t stick so well. You can also use other types of glue to stick the magnet to the clip, do whatever works for you 🙂

I hope you liked this quick home project! Aside from kitchen towels, you can clip light notepads, menus, receipts, etc… At first, I was thinking of getting one of those vacuum hooks to stick on the ref door, but I was very worried that someone could poke out their eye when opening the fridge in the dark and bending down too soon or something. Also, not all towels have loops that can be used to hang on hooks, so the clip works well for all situations.

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