A Cup of 100% Arabica Coffee for Only P20!!! #711CityBlends

7-Eleven's City Blends - Fresh, Flavorful, Affordable Coffee #711cityblends

You know how when you watch homicide TV shows like Castle, Forever and NCIS, the main characters always bring each other coffee on the way to work? And you sometimes wished you could do the same for your friends (ignoring the inconvenient fact that you don’t solve murders)? Okay, maybe I’m the only one who has these coffee fantasies, but… I don’t turn these coffee fantasies into reality because a. Starbucks is mucho expensive, and b. where else can I get universally-accepted, but affordable, coffee?

When I learned about City Blends, I thought to myself, finally, FINALLY! My dreams CAN come true!!!

7-Eleven introduces a new line of coffee – City Blends

Last Tuesday, 7-Eleven invited us to the launch of their new coffee line called City Blends. What a treat! City Blends is billed as honest-to-goodness coffee, freshly made, every single time.

What I Like About City Blends

City Blends Coffee 7 Eleven

French Vanilla on the left, and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate on the right (pink cup)

It’s very good value for money! It’s quality coffee that is quick, convenient, and best of all, AFFORDABLE! It starts at P20.00 per 8 oz. cup! The next size is 12 oz. for P29.00, and the biggest size is 16 oz. for P39.00. Same price for all flavors. At these prices, I can bring my friends coffee whenever I want to!

There are 4 flavors available: Plain brewed coffee, French Vanilla, Mochaccino, and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (this is not a coffee drink).

The City Blends coffee smells really nice. The beans are well-roasted but not burnt, and give a definite coffee flavor (very good), but not too strong to be overpowering. The French Vanilla I tried was actually pretty good for P20.00! It was like the wonderful coffee flavor/aroma was dancing hallelujahs on the creamy base.

The coffee they use is 100% Arabica beans that is freshly ground right in front of you. Arabica coffee is the more aromatic type of coffee bean. It’s also more expensive (the less expensive coffees usually use Robusta coffee beans).City Blends Coffee 7 Eleven Arabica Beans #711cityblends

I don’t usually like convenience-store coffee because they usually just sell you some repacked bad instant coffee served with hot water. Lord knows I’m picky about my coffee. I’m no coffee snob, but I don’t like bad coffee, either (most easily available instant coffee is really, really bad).

But I really like 7-Eleven’s City Blends! Before this, I don’t think I could imagine fresh, good coffee for P20.00, but here it is and it’s real!

Like I said before, City Blends uses real coffee, not instant. They have this coffee vending machine that has is loaded with coffee beans, and the machine grinds the coffee beans for your order.

It’s a self-service machine that’s very easy to use. You just get a cup, put it in place, press the appropriate button for your drink, wait for a few seconds, and your coffee’s ready!City Blends Coffee 7 Eleven Machine #711cityblendsCity Blends Coffee 7 Eleven Machine Buttons7-Eleven's City Blends - Fresh, Flavorful, Affordable Coffee #711cityblends
Cream and sugar packets are available for your use, as well as coffee cup sleeves and stirrers. You can request for a cup cover, too.

Special Valentine’s Promo

To celebrate the love month, City Blends is giving its customers the chance to express themselves honestly through the City Blends Honest Cups.City Blends Coffee 7 Eleven Honest Cups Valentine Love Month #711cityblends

You can choose from any of the 3 limited edition 8 oz. Honest Cups: Single, Taken, or It’s Complicated. They even put a blank space where you can write in explanations for your status. Wouldn’t it be fun to embarrass your significant other by writing super-cutesy notes like you were an overly-attached girlfriend? 😛

City Blends Coffee 7 Eleven Honest Cups Valentine Love Month #711cityblendsShare pictures of your personalized Honest Cups on social media using the hashtags #711CityBlends and #Honestly

The Honest Cups will be available until February 24, 2015.

City Blends is now available in 258 7-Eleven stores in select locations in Metro Manila, with plans to roll out to 700 stores by the end of the year. City Blends will also be brewing soon in Visayas.

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