Why You Should Get A Manila Hotel Prestige Membership

Manila Hotel Prestige Membership Card

I am a big fan of The Manila Hotel and I’ve already shared how useful their Prestige Membership is to maximizing your experience (and your funds). We had an amazing meal for only P400, and I was able to buy our snacks for the next few days at half-price, too!

This year, I was so happy to find out that The Manila Hotel is offering their Prestige Membership with more privileges and freebies! At first I was dismayed by the price increase to P9,000, but after reading through the list of benefits, I find that it’s a good deal!


  • 1 Complimentary Overnight Stay in a Superior Deluxe Room for 2 persons
  • 1 Complimentary Birthday Cake
  • 1 Complimentary Buffet for 2 at Cafe Ilang Ilang
  • 1 Complimentary 1-week trial at the Health Club for 1 person
  • 1 Voucher worth P800 at the Champagne Room (valid in conjunction with the membership card)
  • 3 Vouchers for room upgrade
  • 2 Vouchers of special room rate of P10,000 for 2 nights consecutive stay
  • 1 Voucher for a steak lunch for 2 at the Cowrie Grill
  • 1 Voucher for one-time use of pool access for 2 adults & 2 children with P500 food & beverage credits at the Pool Bar
  • Discounts at The Manila Hotel Spa
  • Discounts in all The Manila Hotel Restaurants:
    • 25% discount on all beverages in all outlets
    • 1 diner= 20% discount on total food bill
    • 2 diners = 50% discount on total food bill
    • 3 diners = 33% discount on total food bill
    • 4 diners = 25% discount on total food bill
    • 5 or more diners = 20% discount on total food bill
  • 20% discount on total food & beverage bill at the Cowrie Grill in Greenhills Promenade (this is The Manila Hotel’s well-known steak restaurant)
  • 20% discount on massages at The Manila Hotel Spa
  • 20% discount on laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Wedding pictorial discount

And this seals it for me — it is FULLY TRANSFERABLE!


The membership is P9,000 net, and valid for 1 year, but it’s a really good deal! WHY? Just do a quick computation of what you’ll be getting in return:

  • the complimentary overnight stay (no breakfast, as far as I know), by my estimate is around P5,000-6,000 valueI like their rooms because I appreciate all the craftsmanship and labor that went into the woodwork
  • the complimentary buffet for 2 at Cafe Ilang Ilang (it doesn’t specify any day, so pick Thursday Surf & Turf or Friday’s Seafood Night because they are the most expensive!) is P2,950 net x 2 = P5,900 value
  • voucher at the Champagne Room, P800 value
  • steak lunch for 2 at The Cowrie Grill – looking at Cowrie Grill’s prices, I’m estimating maybe P3,000-4,000 value
  • complimentary birthday cake – in my experience, it’s a normal-sized cake around 8 inches or so, and I estimate it’s around P1,000-1,500 value

* Please see voucher updates from a reader in the comments below.

So add all that up and it’s already around P15,700! Don’t forget to consider all the discounts you’ll get when dining with another person (50% OFF all food, 20% on massages), the health club trial, the room upgrades, the pool access for 4 with P500 F&B credits, etc…


And didn’t I already say that it is FULLY TRANSFERABLE? That means you can let your friends & relatives borrow your card and they can use it just as if they owned the card, with all the privileges and discounts that come with it. Yes, it’s okay! There’s no need to pretend that you’re someone else (the owner of the card you borrowed from) like in other hotels 

But remember, if you lose the card, it’s not replaceable. So don’t lose it!


If The Manila Hotel is not too far away from where you live and it’s convenient to go to, this is a really, really good deal. Honestly, having a coffee date for 2 at The Manila Hotel with some light snacks ends up costing the same, or even less than, staying at Starbucks (yay for the 50% discount), and with better ambience! The Manila Hotel has free wifi, too!

Also, the whole hotel is in the process of being refurbished, so expect beautiful improvements coming soon!

You may email [email protected] or call 527-9911 local 1381 or 1075, or 0927-560-0581. Please let them know you found out about them from BaratAko.com 🙂

This is not a sponsored post. I’m really just a big fan of The Manila Hotel, have been for a long time 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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9 thoughts on “Why You Should Get A Manila Hotel Prestige Membership

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Maribel 🙂

      You may email [email protected] or call 527-9911 local 1381 or 1075, or 0927-560-0581. They can process your order over the phone, payment using credit card. They will send the packet to your address. You can also go to Manila Hotel, they have a Prestige desk in the lobby where you can buy the membership and get your membership packet right away. Just call ahead to check the schedule of when someone is manning that desk, I think they are only available during office hours. Please let them know you found out about them from BaratAko.com 🙂

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Hi, it just counts as a referral from me 🙂

          This isn’t a sponsored post, but I would really appreciate it if you let them know that I sent you their way. If they find that I drive a lot of people to them, who knows, it could lead to a collab with me in the future. It also makes my day to know that somebody found this post helpful.

          You don’t lose anything by letting them know you learned about this from me, and as a member, I also get a small token if I refer someone. Win Win!

  1. Barat Queen Post author

    I received some updated information from a reader, thank you for taking the time to send the update 🙂 This comes from Ms. Melanie L:

    Hi. I am well-informed with regards to the benefits of the Prestige membership card of the Manila Hotel.

    Upon scrolling on your indicating the complete list of benefits, I would like to inform you that they have minimal changes on their benefits which were implemented just last quarter of 2016. I hope this comments finds you well.

    For the changes, instead of the complimentary steaklunch voucher, they changed it already into (1) voucher for complimentary Baked Alaska at the Cowrie Grill.

    The membership fee remains the same though. And for their contact details. New details are: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 527-0011 local 1075 / 1381 Mobile: 0939-934-1912

  2. Dave Wood

    Hi, I’m in the Manila Hotel right now and enjoying the benefits of the Prestige Card. It has already paid its way with the 50% discount for two on breakfast and buffet meals. Our son and girlfriend joined us on Seafood buffet night and total bill was 3,500 pesos after using the voucher for two free meals and 50% discount.


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