Why I Went Back to Sun Cellular Prepaid (TU200)

Sun Cellular TU200

So a while ago I had given up my Sun Cellular prepaid and switched to Red Mobile. And I gave up Red Mobile and switched to Blackberry (BBM is so much better, but alas, I limited calling only to dire emergencies). Then I went back to keeping another Sun Cellular prepaid. Yes, it all sounds so confusing. But I have telecom needs that having just one provider can’t address.

First — why I switched to Blackberry.

More and more people were switching to Blackberry and Globe had finally offered a viable promo to entice me enough to try it. BBMax for 599 a month with unlimited Blackberry service and unlimited mobile browsing is the best deal, in my opinion. If you want to know where your friends are, Google Latitude is way better than Foursquare! You can actually see your friends on Google Maps. And it’s really handy when you are trying to meet up because you can actually see them moving on Google Maps. Another thing I use most often is Blackberry Messenger. Believe me, once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back to regular SMS. With BBM, I didn’t feel like I had to maximize each 160char allotment for each message. I can send a simple “Ha!” message without guilt. There are also other promos like BB Messaging or BB Social, and hopefully, soon, a BBM only 30-day service for prepaid (there is currently a P99/mo BBM only service for postpaid, but it’s not available for prepaid). I just get the promo I need. Or not. Depends. It’s really great when you feel the need to be online 24/7.

Second — why I went back to Sun Cellular even if I hated their crappy call service: Sun Cellular’s International Call & Text SIM, TodoIDD, and TU200.

  1. A lot of my friends are still on Sun Cellular. Relatives have also started maintaining Sun phones too.
  2. Using the International Call & Text Sim, I can text my friends and relatives abroad for only P1.00/text! Not everyone is on BBM or is connected 24/7 to the internet.
  3. I can call friends and relatives abroad for only P2.00/minute! Heck, why is calling abroad cheaper than calling local? Don’t use the standard rate for the International Call & Text SIM to call abroad.It’s expensive at $0.20/minute. Convert your regular load to Todo IDD instead. Just text TodoIDD50 to 247 (P50 valid for 15 days) or Todo100 to 247 (P100 valid for 30 days). The connection is actually way better than making local Sun to Sun calls!
  4. Text Unlimited 200. For P200, I get unlimited texting Sun to Sun, 4 hours of Sun to Sun calls, AND 500 texts to other networks. So what I’ve done is use my BB for BBM friends, for getting my email, FB, Twitter, etc.. when I am mobile, and absolutely minimizing calls and texts from my Globe prepaid; and using my prepaid Sun to text everyone else! Should I need to make a call to another network, I also prefer using Sun since it is cheaper at P6.50/min to other networks vs. P7.50/min using Globe.

It really depends on what your needs are. This combo works for me at the moment. Due to some plans for the future, I am also thinking about getting a Smart number. But every time I go to Smart’s website or read about a Smart promo, I freak out. First of all, after analyzing their offerings, I realize that the ‘catch’ is more than I am willing to go for. I have heard a lot of horror stories about bills suddenly ballooning to Php15,000-Php30,000 unbeknownst to the subscriber, and which the subscribers are forced to pay. Which is why I prefer to go prepaid. And reading about Smart’s P549 counter to Globe’s BBMax 599, though, I can’t help feeling that Smart subscribers are screwed. It says:

The Subscriber shall be liable for all e-mails and other transactions from his BlackBerry (“Device”) regardless of who may make such e-mails and other transactions. Non-payment of these bills or refusal on the part of the Subscriber to pay bills arising from these e-mails and other transactions shall be sufficient ground for the Company to discontinue the Plan.

Now that is some scary language! Also, I wonder about this:

Unli BB covers activities on BlackBerry.net (BB APN) only. Browsing charge of P10 per 30 minutes will apply if the Subscriber uses SMART and SMART Internet APNs

What is this? I have used BBMax and I don’t get charged extra for browsing! BBMax already includes unlimited mobile browsing.

You know, I really would like to become a Smart subscriber. Why do you think I’ve always been checking out their latest promos? But heck, they are just doing so many things to turn me off!

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