Why I Am Using Dove’s Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner + Sale

Dove Hair Conditioner Sale at SnR ShawFYI, I like having long hair and I go through conditioner really quickly. If I don’t condition my hair properly, it ends up sort of dry & frizzy.

Over the years, I’ve found that the conditioners that make my hair manageable are Cream Silk Hair Treatment Conditioner, Dove and Rejoice Rich. Pantene is okay if both are unavailable. But I notice that I need to use A LOT of Cream Silk (expensive), and Pantene tends to be too strong (results in a lot of hairfall). I like Rejoice Rich but my hair ends up feeling oily.

I tried Dove hair therapy shampoo & conditioner (the blue one) when my sister gave me some sachets from the US. I don’t know where she got them, but I liked how they made my hair soft & manageable. But I don’t like Dove as a body soap. I hate the slimy feeling it leaves behind. So I still didn’t consider going for Dove as a hair product after really disliking their bath soaps.

Fast forward to last year, and I would always see the Dove shampoo commercials where some women were plugging white boxes into holes in a white pillar (it’s supposed to represent hair). Being disappointed with having to buy a big tube of Cream Silk (almost P200 each) every month, and wanting to try something different, I decided to give Dove a try.

I bought their smallest shampoo bottle and a bigger conditioner bottle (the gold variety) to try. And what do you know? They worked great on my hair! I mean, I could put my hair in a tight ponytail, or clip it up using a butterfly clip, or any other sort of clip, and after a few minutes my hair would come sliding down. My hair was just too smooth to be held by clips! It was awesome! Yeah, I had to develop new techniques for putting my hair up, but who’s complaining?

After using Dove, I started noticing Dove sales. In particular, at S&R Shaw, I was able to buy a gigantic bottle of Dove Shampoo and another bottle of Dove Conditioner for only P399.95 for each bottle! These are the 40 FL. OZ. or 1.18L giant bottles. The shampoo should last me close to a year! The conditioner should last me around 4 months.

Quick computation:

  • Big Dove Bottle: P400 for 1180 ml = P0.34 per ml (same price for both shampoo & conditioner)
  • Standard shampoo price: P90 for 180 ml = P0.50 per ml
  • Cream Silk regular conditioner price: P180 for 350 ml = P0.514 per ml
  • Cream Silk Daily Treatment conditioner (this is the good stuff) price: P135 for 180 ml = P0.75 per ml


  • 1180 ml of Dove shampoo costs P400
  • 1180 ml of Dove conditioner costs P400
  • 1180 ml of standard shampoo costs P590
  • 1180 ml of regular Cream Silk costs P606.52
  • 1180 ml of Cream Silk Daily Treatment conditioner costs P885

After doing the quick computations, I’m sticking with Dove. Aside from being the best value for money while being one of the few products able to smoothen my hair, I like the fact that they are selling it in gigantic bottles. I really hated having to buy conditioner every few weeks. It felt wasteful to me. It’s a constant reminder than I’m just throwing pesos down the drain. Sometimes I even scrimp on using conditioner to make it last longer than a few weeks.

A few hundred bucks is not a big difference when you think about several months’ worth of conditioner use. It’s the wasted effort & wasted packaging that gets to me. Having to keep reminding myself to buy conditioner AGAIN every few weeks is psychologically heavy. It’s an added item on the to-do list, too. Sure, I can buy 5 tubes of conditioner at one time, but I would still feel resentful. Each time the conditioner tube is near empty, it’s like, “ARRRRGGGGHHH you’re empty AGAIN???!” + more expletives. It’s kind of enraging. I hope Cream Silk considers selling their conditioners cheaper in bulk packaging for people who use it regularly, but I doubt they will. It’s more profitable to sell things in smaller units than in discounted bulk. If they do, I haven’t seen it.

Since I started using the BIG, GIANT Dove Shampoo and Dove Conditioner last October, I haven’t had any Incredible Hulk rage moments! To be honest, I haven’t even used them up yet! The shampoo is still more than half full, the conditioner is about 1/4. And instead of feeling rage, when they are empty, I feel like I would instead say, “You have served me well these few months, my big, giant conditioner. You may now rest. Follow the light!”

This post didn’t start out as a review. I actually just wanted to write a short sale alert. Last weekend, I saw the big, giant bottle of Dove Conditioner on sale again for P399.95 at S&R Shaw. It’s not always available or in stock. So I just wanted to share – maybe one of you has been looking for the big, giant Dove conditioner, so FYI, it’s there right now!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Am Using Dove’s Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner + Sale

  1. Keira

    Hi! What’s the effect on your hair? I’ve always wanted to try this but imported hair products tend to make my hair very dry and stiff.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Keira,

      Thanks for your comment! I have the same problem – imported shampoos & conditioners are not “hiyang”. But I actually like the Dove conditioners. I find that it makes my hair smooth. My hair actually slides off butterfly clips, and barrettes slide off, it’s that smooth. Looks-wise, my hair still looks slightly frizzy, but if you touch it, it’s actually smooth. I find it better than the local Pantene or regular Cream Silk.

      The Cream Silk hair treatment (more expenisve) is better on my hair, but it’s also more expensive.

      Anyway, I’ve been using Dove for about a year. I think I want to switch to another product for a while because I think my hair is starting to get used to Dove, and I also want to clear out any product buildup. I will go back to Dove afterwards, though.

      Before I bought the big Dove bottles, I bought the small ones for trial first. You may want to try the small bottle first to see if it works for you, then buy the big bottle if you like it 🙂


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