White Palace Spa Review (Shaw Blvd.)

White Palace Spa Shaw Blvd Review

There’s a new spa open in town! We always pass by Shaw Blvd and when we saw this new spa being put up a couple of months ago, we had been curious to try it.

The spa is called White Palace Spa. It’s very visible, especially at night. It is on the second floor of a new building located right across Acacia Lane / Shaw Blvd, right across the big Jollibee and smaller Mang Inasal.

The entrance is through stairs on the right side of the building. The estero beside the building can be a bit smelly, but it’s not so bad that you can’t ignore it and hold your breath while passing by it. So keep that in mind if you are sensitive to smells.

We went to White Palace Spa at 2am last weekend. The building is well-lighted outside, and the area is starting to “boom” with a nearby mall that just recently opened and several other banks and other establishments opening. However, it’s still best to be vigilant. I didn’t see any guard nearby so be wary if anyone suspicious approaches.

On the way up, we saw several male masseurs (about 4 men) milling about (they were wearing the White Palace Spa T-shirt). I don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, it does make it feel a bit “safer” because their presence might scare off baddies, on the other hand, there are a lot of unfamiliar men milling about and I’m really not comfortable with that, especially in a spa.

This is the Front Desk – it looks nice, clean and professional.

White Palace Spa Shaw Blvd Review Front Desk

The receptionist recommended the White Palace Signature Massage (with Hot Pack, 1 hour & 15 mins, P400). She said it was the best value because it’s like getting a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and the hot pack massage in one. So we both got the White Palace Signature Massage and we asked for female masseuses.

They are also running some promos, like giving a P50 discount between 1pm-5pm, and a 5+1 promo (group of 6 people get a massage, 5 persons pay, 6th person is free).

White Palace Spa Shaw Blvd Review Brochure Price List

They gave us spa slippers and washed our feet, and then we were led to our room:

White Palace Spa Shaw Blvd Review Room

Like other spas of this price range, the rooms are separated by dry wall and/or curtains. The “doors” are also curtains. I lightened the picture below so you can see the wallpaper and curtain patterns, as well as the safe, etc… there’s also a hook to hang your clothes and bags.

White Palace Spa Shaw Blvd Review Room Bright

The use of the purplish fleur-de-lis patterns gives off a more upscale ambience. The whole place is air-conditioned, of course, and there’s soothing spa music and the sound of water fountains in the background.

The Massage

The massage was okay, not bad. I usually ask for Hard massage, and I know how much effort that takes, so I made sure to tip. My masseuse was really strong. No complaints about that.

There is the usual back massage, which included a hot pack that they glide on the back. This was nice 

Then the legs and arms are massaged, a little bit of stretching, then front legs and arms, then head and face.

Aside from the hot pack, the massage was pretty standard, following the steps most other spas do. There’s no neck cracking or masseuse walking on your back or where the masseuse lifts you up on her feet 

I actually kind of miss the massage of the old days where the masseuses really went to work to dissolve any “lamig”. It was painful, yes, but so much more satisfying than the standard series of massage steps I keep getting now. And in the late 90’s, they even massaged your tummy!

After the massage, we were given wet towels to wipe off the oils they used for the massage, and we were also given some hot tea. Their hot tea was delicious! I wanted to ask what tea they used but I got embarrassed. It was a sweet, maroon liquid that tasted like hot cranberry juice.

About tipping – I normally don’t agree with tipping. I don’t think we should tip someone just for doing their job, and it annoys me when some people expect a tip, even when they didn’t do anything above and beyond, and they get mad when people don’t tip them, and even feel that they have been “stiffed”. I also hate being forced to tip a certain percentage. If someone is doing their normal tasks within their job description, and I did not ask them to do anything above and beyond that, I don’t think I should be expected to tip. However, in this case, I know what I asked for was difficult (hard massage), so I made sure we tipped, even if it was just a small amount, to show our appreciation.

Other Observations

Overall, the massage, the ambience, the service, were well worth the P400. It is a mid-range spa so don’t have too many fancy expectations, but you get a lot of value for what you pay. I also like the location because it’s very convenient and accessible. They are also open until 7am! Yay! Perfect for night owls like us. Parking is free in front of the building, but there are only limited slots.

The only thing that makes me think twice about coming back is the male masseurs. Sometimes I can hear them talking during the massage (outside my “room”) and it makes me uncomfortable. I mean, I know they are outside my “room”, but since there are only curtains separating us, they sound so near. I’m not saying that I suspect them of doing anything bad. I don’t. However, I think it’s a normal reaction to hearing unfamiliar men when you’re half-naked getting a massage and there’s only a curtain protecting your modesty. The other spas I go to usually have more female staff and very few, if any, men, or separate areas for men and women.

Update April 5, 2017: Seems this place has closed down. I noticed that the lights haven’t been turned on for a while now, and then last week, I noticed that the signage now shows a different name, but it’s still a spa…

323 Shaw Blvd., Hagdang Bato Libis, Mandaluyong City (near Acacia Lane, in front of Mang Inasal/ Jollibee)
Tel # 505-2693 / 0927-8584767 / 0929-5493617

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11 thoughts on “White Palace Spa Review (Shaw Blvd.)

    1. Anonymous

      some of their therapist before applying lotion or oil before the massage they spit on their hand” dura” in tagalog, then mix it with the oil or lotion…lalo na kung regular client ka pero kupipot ka sa tip or maarte ka…kc di mo naman mararamdaman…bcuz i personally heard them talking, doing that to the client na kasabay ko…di nila napansin na regular client din ako…kaya di na ako babalik …ganun pala cla…specially sa mga gay client na di nila napagbigyan…or maliit ang tip…beware!!!!

  1. Robert Brew

    I may not be rich but I tip well. In an economy in full of politics forcing labor to become cheap, many of these people are vastly under compensated. However when I’m in a first world country I still do, however little and in both cases looking them in the eye and saying a sincere “Thank you, ma’am or sir”

    It’s not about the money. It’s about being human. Showing that you appreciate the person by a token. Who knows, this can be part of savings for his daughter’s Grade One school books. It can be for cigarettes and I don’t smoke but yeah. Hard work always deserves a break and people deserve a break from all the hard work.

    I don’t do it for the special treatment, but wherever I’m a regular, I get more than what I pay for. Saving both money and time.

    Life is too short not to share.

    Be well!

    1. Trek

      I agree. Most massage parlors/spas don’t give regular pay to their therapists. The usual arrangement is a certain percentage of the massage fee around 10-20 %; hence they really rely on those tips

      1. Barat Queen Post author

        Personally, I would prefer to pay a slightly higher sticker price and have the spa owner pay the masseuse the proper wage instead of shifting the burden to me (the customer) to make up for the shortfall.

        I would rather just have a straightforward transaction of paying a higher sticker price than have to go through the stressful tipping / guilt trip dance. Isn’t that why there is a sticker price, anyway? The assumption is the sticker price is priced properly and includes being able to cover a proper wage for the employees. If there is a problem with the wage, it is between the employer and the employee. The burden should not be shifted to the customer, and the customer should not be guilted into tipping.

        I agree that we should tip for exceptional service. However, I don’t think customers should be forced or guilted into tipping if they didn’t feel they received excellent service.

  2. jelly

    i just has massage last week sa may Shaw Boulevard Extension branch nila. The massage was good, but when he was about to end na his massage he asked if i want ES daw? Sabi ko magkano? Sabi nya 2,500? I asked him ano kasama sa ES, sabi nya body to body massage daw.

    And ending, i just told him wala akong pera. Ano yun ginto? 🙂

  3. TBR2017

    i had another massage again sa shaw branch nila. as usual nag offer ulit yung crew nila ng ES. Ganun ba talaga lagi? Buti sana kung mura hindi naman. Libo? Ano yun mabubusog ba ako don?


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