What the F was that Eulogy by Noynoy? #Fallen44

I don’t like talking about political topics in my blog, but today, I was watching the news coverage of the Necrological Services for the 44 PNP-SAF members who were massacred last Sunday in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, and I just ended up shaking my head when I heard Pres. Aquino’s eulogy.

What. Was. That.

Even after 5 days, we are still not clear on what really happened, who in Pnoy’s government knew about (or did not know about) the operation, who else was involved, etc… So I won’t talk about that.

But whether or not you agree with the operation, the fact is, men died, and it’s basic human decency to sympathize with the relatives and loved ones of the fallen. Moreso, when it’s talked about that you were allegedly involved in the implementation of that op. Be that as it may, the men who died were members of the PNP Special Action Force, they died bringing down an international terrorist, and are considered heroes by many Filipinos. When people’s loved ones die, be human and sympathize with them. Is that too much to expect?

Pres. Aquino was already a no-show yesterday when the #Fallen44’s remains arrived in Manila. He had a previous engagement. Okay, I get that. At least he was going to be at the necrological services.

Me, Me, Me Eulogy

When it was Pnoy’s turn to make a speech, and within the first few minutes, started talking about HIS experience when his father (Noynoy) died, and how similar the situation was… I was really like, are you kidding me? He made the eulogy about himself, his dead father, his dead mother, the Marcoses, the previous administration. I assume that was what he was talking about because I just stopped paying close attention. And he still kept talking, apparently not realizing this was a train wreck of a eulogy. I was expecting high praise for the men who died, I was expecting a stirring speech that promised justice and a vow to pursue the culprits to the ends of the earth. I mean, that is what one would normally expect in a eulogy in these situations, right?

OH NO NO NO. He did not just hijack this eulogy to talk about himself and his family, again, right? Right? A little decency, please!

It was such an insincere eulogy, I wouldn’t blame the relatives if they started throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at him. The relatives looked furious. All I could hear from the speech were platitudes, insincere promises to make sure the families left behind are taken care of, a half-heartedly spoken promise to capture the other terrorist (Usman), and more blah, blah, blah.

Where is the promise of justice? Where is the promise to hunt down the people responsible? What about telling the truth about what really happened in that op? In case you’re not up to speed, official reports say the MILF and the BIFF were the ones who ambushed them, but they are still playing the blame game as to where the fuck-up came from. There was supposed to be a ceasefire, and the Philippine government and the Muslim groups (I can’t keep track of who’s who) are currently in talks about signing the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Supposedly, nobody should have been shooting anybody.

This is such a mess and no one is telling the truth.

Does it have anything to do with what these articles claim?
Noy held back on order to reinforce SAF — source
US soldier allegedly among those killed, civilians terrorized in Mamasapano

In contrast to the moving eulogies from one of the SAF officer’s wife and the other guys’, I found Pnoy’s speech lifeless, emotionless, and plastic! It felt like he was giving a speech at a Linggo ng Wika event. Same tone, same vibe, like he was just reciting lame poetry. I really did not feel any sort of sympathy coming off him. Di talaga marunong makiramay!

Apparently, I am not the only one shaking my head at that narcissistic, opportunistic eulogy!

Here are some choice reactions from Twitter. OH, there were more! But they were laden with profanity and calling Noynoy names.

It seems like everybody hates him on Twitter today.

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