Watson’s Haul – Cetaphil Buy 2 Take 1, Glamworks Hair Dye

Cetaphil Holiday Pack Buy 2 Take 1 Free Soap

I went into Watson’s at SM Megamall last week to buy some hair dye. It must have been all those nights when I slept with my hair wet that caused some of my hair to turn grey prematurely.

I was lining up at the counter when I saw the boxes of Cetaphil on display! Well, what do you know? They’re on Buy 2 Take 1, and even has a Cetaphil bar for free!

Since switching to Cetaphil 2 years ago, my face has cleared up and I don’t get as many pimples as I used to. My face also does not get dry and scaly. And my Cetaphil lasts me a long, long time. A 250ml bottle of skin cleanser can last 4-6 months!

Last year, I chanced upon a Buy 1 Take 1 pack of Cetaphil, also at Watson’s, and I have been looking for a similar promo this year because my Cetaphil is about to run out soon.

So I guess this year, instead of a Buy 1 Take 1, we only get a Buy 2 Take 1. But it’s still better than buying it at the regular price! The Cetaphil Holiday Pack costs P654.00. I checked the regular price of a Cetaphil 250ml bottle and the price is P327.00. With the Holiday Pack, each bottle of 250ml Cetaphil Skin Cleanser only ends up costing P218.00! Plus I also get a free Cetaphil bar to boot!

Cetaphil Holiday Pack Buy 2 Take 1 Free Soap Unboxed

These 3 bottles should last me well until next year!

How and Why I Use Cetaphil

I use Cetaphil as my facial cleanser. It’s very gentle on skin and doesn’t dry it out. But Cetaphil doesn’t lather, so if you are used to cleansers that produce a lot of lather, I suggest that you try out a small bottle first before committing to this big purchase.

I first started using Cetaphil when a big bottle was given to me as pasalubong. It sat on the shower caddy for years before I finally thought to try and use it up instead of throwing it away. At first, it felt wrong because it didn’t lather. I didn’t even know if it was cleaning anything.

Then eventually I realized that it worked by “lifting” the dirt off the skin surface. Yes, that slimy white stuff should be massaged all over your face (let’s keep our thoughts out of the gutter!).  I just use maybe a drop the size of a 25-centavo coin of Cetaphil or less to clean my face.

Cetaphil rinses clean. It doesn’t leave any oily residue on your skin.

Like I said before, the result is non-dry skin. Before using Cetaphil, sometimes my face would be really red, dry and have flaky skin, especially on the cheeks near the sides of the nose. I would always need to moisturize my face with a heavy-duty moisturizer just to keep it from flaking and rashing out. If I forget to moisturize for even one day, the rashes would start.

Since using Cetaphil, I stopped having dry skin. Even if I forget to moisturize for a few days, nothing bad happens. My skin stays normal and has been for a couple of years now.

Glamworks Hair Dye

Together with the Cetaphil, I also bought packs of Glamworks Hair Dye. Why? They’re only P49.00 per pack!

Glamworks Permanent Hair Dye

They are also very easy to use and cover gray hair, at least if you use the Black and Dark Brown colors. I have not had much success covering gray using the lighter colors.

I have tried other hair dye brands but I always come back to Glamworks because, let’s face it, they’re the cheapest ones! The dye job lasts 1-2 months. And it’s also one of the easiest to use!

You just need to shampoo your hair, rinse it clean, then towel dry. Wear an old t-shirt you won’t mind getting dye all over. Open the Glamworks pack, wear the included gloves, cut open the sachet and start “shampooing” the dye into your damp hair. You’ll see 2 different colored liquids coming from the sachet. Just make sure they get all mixed up while “shampooing” the dye into your hair. For longer hair, you might need 2 packs. But hey, it’s only P49 per pack so it’s not a big deal. Pay attention to the spots where you have a lot of white hair and make sure that the dye coats all the white hair. Cover hair with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes. Then rinse. Then generously apply good quality hair conditioner (I use Dove). Wait appropriate time for hair conditioner to sink in, then rinse off. Done.

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    Hi Arlene, I saw this promo last year pa in November. I don’t think they have this promo anymore. They have promos from time to time.


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