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Last Friday, USANA Health Sciences Philippines presented their third batch of Team USANA Pilipinas at Peking Garden in Greenbelt 5. They also introduced their latest product, an immune system boosting optimizer named Proglucamune.

I was invited to witness the event and meet and greet with the country’s young, up-and-coming athletes. It’s nice to see how various sports are becoming more and more popular among the youth, thanks in part to these athletes that many young Filipinos look up to.


The team is comprised of Filipino athletes from various sports who take USANA to keep themselves healthy and fit for competition locally and internationally. At the same time, they serve as inspiration among Filipinos to achieve success by living a healthy lifestyle.

USANA Athletes

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The team is composed of Team USANA Pilipinas regulars Abe Avena (golf), Alyssa Valdez (volleyball), Gaby Dela Merced (motor sports), P.J. Tierro (tennis), Tin Patrimonio (tennis), Janice Lagman-Lizardo (Poomsae), Japoy Lizardo (taekwondo), Bing Amit (billiards), Sid Isidro (rowing), Chieffy Caligdong (football), Misagh Bahadoran (football), Biboy Rivera (bowling), Michelle Cojuangco Barrera (equestrian), PJ Simon (basketball), Rachel Anne Daquis (volleyball), Marian Capadocia (tennis), Gab Moreno (archery), and L.A. Tenorio (basketball).

Aside from the old favorites, the third batch of Team USANA Pilipinas will now include new members such as Marella Salamat (cycling), Jessey De Leon (volleyball), Tes Bitbit (cycling and adventure racing), Simon Greatwich (football), and the brothers tandem of JC Intal (basketball) and Rex Intal (volleyball).

I was told that the athletes are not paid by USANA to endorse their products. Instead, the athletes are provided with USANA products to use. Each of the athletes took turns and gave testimonials on how their sports performance, and even their personal lives, improved when they started taking USANA products.

Some of them told us how their game improved – their bodies could just go on for a bit longer than they could before. Some told us how they noticed that their recovery time had shortened – for example, in the past, they needed at least a week of rest to recover in between competitions. But after taking USANA, they were recovered and ready to compete the next day, no worse for wear. Some narrated how they did not get sick at all, even after all the traveling in between different cities and climates, whereas they would get sick from this in the past. One even tearfully described how her mother’s health had drastically improved after taking USANA, and how her mother was now able to go on about her daily life like normal.

The USANA products must be effective, then. I have no reason to think these kids were lying about their stories. In fact, they seemed really sincere in sharing their experiences after taking USANA for some time. These are not random people – these are star athletes in their respective fields sharing their real-life stories.

Aside from Team USANA Pilipinas, USANA Philippines has also tapped former beauty queen and entrepreneur Patty Betita, motivational speaker Francis J. Kong, and The Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut for its current roster of brand ambassadors.

Also present at the event were Mr. David Mulham, Executive Vice President for Europe an the Pacific, and Ms. Aurora Claudia “Duday” Gaston, Regional Manager for the Philippines and Indonesia.

USANA Executives

Mr. David Mulham, Executive Vice President for Europe an the Pacific, and Ms. Aurora Claudia “Duday” Gaston, Regional Manager for the Philippines and Indonesia

I asked about how one can go about buying USANA products. You can either buy it as a customer (regular price) from an USANA member, or, be an USANA member yourself, where you can get 20% discount. I was also told that the membership or joining fee is P990. I was actually surprised when I heard it, considering that other MLMs that have tried to recruit me before cost at least several thousand pesos!

PROGLUCAMUNE – Stronger Immune System for Everyone

Meanwhile, with its focus strongly hinged on its products, USANA Philippines also announced the availability of its new product, called Proglucamune, to the Philippine market.

Carefully and scientifically developed to strengthen one’s immune system, USANA Proglucamune is packed with four immune-boosting ingredients, namely Shitake Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Baker’s Yeast, and Zinc. Proglucamune combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help immune cells work faster and more efficiently. It is a powerful immune supplement, specifically created to strengthen the overall effectiveness of the immune system.

You can get updates from Team USANA Pilipinas on Facebook ( For more information on USANA, visit and follow USANA’s social media portals on Facebook (, Twitter (@usana_ph), and Instagram (usanapilipinas).


Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy food products in its FDA-Registered Drug Establishment in Salt Lake City. Learn more about USANA by visiting their web site or the official USANA blog

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