Unlimited Wagyu for P899 at Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Featured Image

Last week, we heard about this new restaurant that had an Unlimited Wagyu offer for only P899 per person!

The restaurant is called Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse, and it is located at the al fresco dining area on the ground floor of Century City Mall, beside Starbucks. You have to pass through that area with the ATMs. I didn’t even know that there was another door there!

J being a steak addict, we definitely had to make time to try this unli wagyu!

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse Exterior


Booking a reservation is by Facebook. They have a BOOK NOW button on their Facebook page. However, I seemed to have run into some trouble with our reservation, and I didn’t receive any confirmation message. I ended up messaging Hogs & Cattle on FB and working out a reservation with them via Messenger.

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse is still on soft opening as of this writing. The place is casual but clean, going for a rustic vibe with their chairs made out of pallets. However, the blue lighting at the back seemed out of place. It was also messing up my food photos and giving them a blue cast, and made the food look less appetizing. Wish they’d made the lighting light yellow, like sunlight, instead.

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse Interior

They also provided me with bag hooks when they saw my bag slung over my chair, so that was thoughtful. 


The unlimited wagyu comes with soup, and sides of your choice (rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables; you can change your side for each round). The waiter also asked us how we wanted our steak (rare, medium, well done).

A small bowl of mini pandesal was served with some slices of butter. Skip this unless you really want some bread.

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Bread

Next, they served us this corn soup:

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Soup

I asked for my steak medium, while J asked for his steak medium rare.

My round 1:

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Round 1

The steak is tender, slices like butter, and I didn’t get any gristle (litid) on the meaty parts. At P899 for unlimited wagyu, I am not expecting any high grade wagyu here, but it is a good place to eat as much good steak as you want, without spending a small fortune. Yes, the steak is very good compared to steaks that you can get elsewhere that are priced below P1,000.

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Steak Slice

The meat used is definitely wagyu, just not a high grade one, but for P899 for unli, there’s no cause to complain. The cuts served are definitely on the fatty side – some people like the steak fat, some don’t.

Round 2:

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Round 2

The steaks are well-seasoned with herbs and spices.

However, J likes his steak simple, flavored with just some nice salt, to better appreciate the meat. So while he agrees that the steak was deliciously seasoned, he hoped there was an option for a simpler flavor.

As for me, I liked the steak, but I wanted the garlic on top to be roasted until it’s so soft that I could just spread the garlic paste on my steak.

There’s a bottle of steak sauce on the table. I also liked the steak sauce. The steak sauce has some tamarind in it, it adds a different tang to regular steak sauce.

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse Unli Wagyu Sauce

A note on the steak’s doneness: The steak here leans toward the more “cooked” spectrum. For example, J’s medium rare steak was almost medium, and my medium was close to medium-well.

To refill: We were served a plate of steak + side of choice (mashed potatoes). After we finished round 1, we just called the waiter. He took our empty plates and came back with new plates of steak + side. Keep going until you’re full.

You can ask for another round of soup (the soup is also unlimited).


Service was okay, the waiters were responsive and fast when we asked for refills / next round. However, we had to ask them about their offers, and we had to keep asking questions about it because they don’t volunteer the information – simple questions that customers will most probably ask like “What is included in the unli wagyu?” or “What is this sauce on the table for / what is it supposed to be paired with?” or “How do we get a refill?”

I still have no idea where their wagyu comes from or what grade it is. Our waiter also couldn’t tell me how many grams of steak they serve per serving – it depends daw. Okay. I guess they cut the steaks based on how it looks about the right size for one serving… We don’t even know if they have a no-leftovers policy, but we just erred on the side of no leftovers.

The restaurant is still on soft opening so these things are expected. This is an area for improvement that is easy to fix. Once they seat the customers, the servers should probably give a short overview to the customers of how the unli wagyu offer works, and the customers can just ask more questions if they want to know more.


P899 per person for Unlimited Wagyu?! GO NOW! I expect this place to be packed, with long lines outside! It’s still on soft opening so very few people have probably heard about it yet.

If you have never tried wagyu before because they’re just too darn expensive, this will let you eat all the wagyu that you want for only P899! Go get all your meat-loving loved ones to try this now!

The steak is delicious and well-seasoned. Of course, don’t go there expecting super high grade wagyu that cost thousands of pesos per order, but if you just want to eat some tender, butter soft steak until you can’t eat any more… this is the place to go. The unli also includes their soup and sides. 

There’s no need to wait for special occasions anymore before having steak (because it’s expensive). Now, you can have your fill of wagyu steak any time you have a craving because it’s only P899!

This is very value for money, especially if you can eat a lot of steak!

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse
Ground Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HogsandCattle/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hogsandcattleph/
Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM

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5 thoughts on “Unlimited Wagyu for P899 at Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello, I don’t know how long the promo is going to be. But I get the impression that this is going to be a regular offer of the restaurant.

      1. Will

        tama lang ang tawag nila na WAGYU!

        WAG YU magpa UNLI kung cocontrolin nyo rin pala ang iseserve niyong pagkain! nagBAYAD ang tao tapos cocontrolin niyo rin kung gaano karami ang kakainin ng customer niyo? nakakahiya kayo!

        Makati Branch yan! it was my first and NEVER AGAIN!

  1. Allan S

    I asked them through PM in FB regarding the origin of their beef. They said that they are serving locally raised wagyu cattle, grade 5. They do not serve prime cuts for the wagyu-all-you-can however you can order them A la carte.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      So, it’s grade 5. Thanks for letting us know that they also serve a la carte. I was too focused on the Wagyu-All-You-Can that I forgot to even look at the menu 🙂

      Thank you very much for the info, Allan S 🙂 that’s helpful info!


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