Twinkies! Buy Any 5 For Only P999.95 Promo at S&R!

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Twinkies P999


In case you haven’t visited S&R lately, you might want to know that there’s an ongoing promo where you can buy 5 boxes of Hostess products for only P999.95!

That means each box is only P200! You can also choose any combination you want 

This promo saves you P500, because the regular price for these babies is P299.95 per box.

We got Twinkies (2 boxes), Banana Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Chocolate-Covered Twinkies. We just wanted to try them all! Haha! There is also a Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake, but we chose to get more Twinkies instead!

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Twinkies Ding Dongs Banana

I already wrote about Twinkies before, so I’ll just concentrate on the other Hostess cakes.

Here’s what they look like out of the box. I opened some to show you:


SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Twinkies Unboxed

Banana Twinkies

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Banana Twinkies Unboxed

Chocolate-Covered Twinkies – there are 9 in the box we but already ate some 

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Chocolate Twinkies Unboxed

Ding Dongs

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Ding Dongs Unboxed

Banana Twinkies

It looks exactly like a regular Twinkie! It tastes like banana bread, and although you can definitely smell the banana as soon as you open one, it is not very strong nor overpowering. I think the cake and the marshmallow filling are both flavored with banana.

The way to tell the Banana Twinkies and the Regular Twinkies apart is the bar at the back. The Banana has a blue bar, the Regular Twinkie has a white bar:

SnR Hostess Banana Twinkies How To Tell Difference

Chocolate-Covered Twinkies

I like these! These are regular Twinkies covered in a thin layer of chocolate. It’s a very good combination.

Ding Dongs

Chocolate overload! I give up! This is too sweet for me  However, some people just absolutely adore Ding Dongs. Did you watch the TV show The Closer? If you love murder-solving shows and how the interrogator gets into the criminals’ heads and manipulates them into confessing, you’ll probably love The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick’s character is famous for her bag, AND is also famous for her addiction to Ding Dongs.


My favorite of them all! I know we didn’t have Twinkies in the Philippines back in the day, but damn if it doesn’t taste just like childhood! It’s a sweet, bouncy, slightly oily baked cake filled with marshmallow cream! It’s just one of those “guilty pleasure” things.

It is quite sweet, so I paired it with black coffee (no sugar needed because the Twinkie is so sweet!).

Loot Bag Idea

SnR Hostess Buy Any 5 Twinkies P999 Loot Bag Idea

These cakes keep for several months (check the Best Before date) and will be great for snacks, baon, dessert, and to have something on hand to serve guests you invite over for the holidays. You can even make a loot bag of the different cakes to give out to guests before they go home!

This promo is ongoing at S&R until the end of December 2015 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Twinkies! Buy Any 5 For Only P999.95 Promo at S&R!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Not exactly. They currently have a “P399.95 for 2” promo for the Coffee Cake and Banana Twinkies. I think the regular Twinkies are back to regular pricing.

  1. Barat Queen Post author

    This was at the S&R Shaw branch. But this promo was last year pa, the promos for Twinkies are different already.

    Please check back on the blog once in a while, I post S&R promos often 🙂 I also post sale finds on my Facebook page.


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