Trinet 400 Now Includes PLDT Landline Calls

Smart Trinet 400 PLDT

Good news for all of us using Smart’s Trinet promos on the Freedom Plan. Trinet 200 and Trinet 400 now include calls to PLDT landlines! The Smart Customer Service representative I spoke with confirmed that the change took place on Oct. 21, 2012, and all those who registered to the Trinet promos after Oct. 21 already have PLDT included. As confirmed by the rep, this includes all PLDT landlines (local PLDT calls for Metro Manila), and NDD calls too, as long as you are calling a PLDT landline. Just make sure to put in the correct area code. No additional prefix or anything needed. Trinet just keeps getting better!

I am very happy about this change but find myself wondering what happened. For an entity with a reputation for milking the public for as much as they can, this is quite a pleasant turnaround. It is not easy to overcome years of bad experiences. Are they really turning a new leaf and starting to actually offer better, more value-for-money products? It’s just such a different persona than the Smart we all grew to know. But the nice things just keep on coming. For now, I am quite happy with their service (on my 3rd month!) and will try to see the positive side of things and hope the positive changes continue. I just hope this is a long-term change in company philosophy and not just a mere tactic to help dig Globe’s grave. None of us wants to wake up to realize we are monopolized by a Smart that is back to its old ways.

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