Tokyo Bubble Tea Near Burgos Circle

Tokyo Bubble Chicken Doria

Lately, because of DB’s schedule, we found ourselves looking for dinner at 10 or 11pm. Do you have any idea how hard it is to look for somewhere decent to eat at 11pm?

One time we found ourselves at Burgos Circle, and thank God, Tokyo Bubble Tea was still open! Their breads were also on 20% off.

I first ate at Tokyo Bubble Tea when it replaced Breadtalk at the basement of SM Megamall, near where the skating rink used to be. I really liked it but only went back maybe two or three more times. The food was yummy, the bubble tea delicious, the bubbles oh so chewy, but the ambience was a bit on the foodcourt side. I like their pastel colors. It’s softly happy and perky, but not annoyingly so.

This time at Burgos Circle, I had the Chicken Doria. It’s rice topped with an oozing cheese sauce (mozzarella would be my guess), grilled boneless chicken thigh, teriyaki sauce, and garnished with sesame seeds and parsley. I realized this was the dish that I usually ordered. It is very good, and I am not saying it just because I was starving. The serving was also enough to satisfy my hunger. Chicken Teriyaki Doria costs P245.00.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

DB ordered this. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called. Sorry.

Tokyo Bubble Tea will always be a go-to place for me now that I know that it’s open (and serves food!) til 2am! The food is so much better than your average mall restaurant or fast food. I think of it like a good Japanese bistro. The prices are a bit on the expensive side. Their bubble tea prices start at P80 (S), P115 (M), P125(L). Plan on a budget of around P500 per person.

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