This is the Cheapest Legit Mobile Internet Promo!

Cheapest Mobile Internet Globe Gosakto P70 1GB

Do you want 1GB of internet for just P70.00?

I am always on the lookout for cheap mobile internet especially now that Smart’s Free Internet Promo is gone.

So I just discovered this new gem of a Globe GoSakto promo two weeks ago from reader Tristam’s comments on the How to Use Globe GoSakto post. Thanks, Tristam πŸ™‚

This is a legitimate GoSakto offer, there are no tricks involved. The offer is calledΒ GOTSCOMBODD70, and to get it, you just choose:

  • Text & Surf
  • 1,000 texts to Globe/TMΒ  upgraded to unlitext to all networks, according to reader feedback
  • 1,000 MB mobile internet
  • 7 days

And voila! 1GB mobile internet for only P70.00, good for 7 days. Oh, and you also get 1,000 texts to Globe/TM.

This is the most affordable mobile internet option I’ve seen so far:

  • 1 week = 1GB = P70.00
  • 1 month (4 weeks) = 4GB = P280.00 (4GB of internet for only P280.00? Score! Right?)
  • 1 year (52 weeks) = 52GB = P3,640 for 1 year!

+ you get 1,000 Globe/TM texts each time!

In comparison, Smart’s mobile internet price is for their Big Bytes offer is P50.00 for 300MB good for 3 days; and their new Turbo Plan has P799 for 4.5GB for one month.


Registering was easy. Just dial *143# and follow the prompts.

I also received text notifications telling me that my subscription has expired. So that is good for people who might be worried about not remembering when their promo expires.

Usage: The internet was slow, at least in my location. My speedtest showed only 0.82 Mbps download speed (Sta. Mesa). Youtube was also slow, with lots of buffering – but I don’t know if it’s because the internet is actually slow or if Youtube streaming is being throttled, as many people claim.

Globe GoSakto Internet Speedtest Result

However, if you are only using mobile internet for checking emails, social media and online chatting, the slow internet should not impact you too much. You can also use it to download files where you don’t need to be waiting for the file to download – the download and then leave it until it finishes downloading type.

Another thing, I don’t think there is a way for you to auto renew your subscription. So it will get a bit annoying when you have to register to the promo every week.

Good for:

General internet use where superfast response or loading time is not required. Most people don’t need extremely fast internet (except for streaming/Youtube). They just want to be “online” all the time to be accessible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Line, etc…Β and get their emails and other notifications, or use Waze – and I think this is a good package to get for that purpose.

General web surfing is acceptable. Slow, but acceptable.

You can still YouTube, of course, but just be a little bit more patient.

Streaming music. I had no problems streaming Spotify.

Downloading – when you don’t mind waiting a long time for your download to finish. Just because 1GB is a lot and you’ll want to use up what you paid for.

BadΒ for:

Video Streaming.Β Youtube is slow.

Online games that require fast internet.Β My sister says Summoner’s War is awful using Globe mobile internet, so she went back toΒ Smart, and she is located at the Makati central business district!

How to make sure your load does not get “eaten” if you exceed your 1GB allocation: Use GCash as your mobile wallet, and don’t leave extra load on your prepaid account. Better safe than sorry. Just load your prepaid account using GCash whenever you need load, and get additional discounts, too!

Will I avail myself of this GoSakto offer? Yes. But not every week though. Only for those weeks when I know I will be out and about a lot, going to a lot of places, with lots of meetings. I want to be able to check my emails if I need to, be accessible and online on chat apps if I need to be, post pics to Instagram, and web surf when bored and waiting for a meeting to start.

Have you tried this GoSakto offer? What was your experience?

UPDATE June 2017: To register, text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080. This promo only works with Globe Prepaid. Still working as of June 26, 2017.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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195 thoughts on “This is the Cheapest Legit Mobile Internet Promo!

  1. Andi Limjoco

    Tried it. Speeds here in Quezon City reaches 4Mbps using the promo. I’m on 3G/HSPA+ btw. So I guess Globe is just slow in your area.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Wow! So glad to hear you’re getting good speeds, Andi! Yeah, I hope Globe’s internet speed in our location improves. Last year, some guys built a concrete pole in front of our house and they told us it was for Globe internet. But after all this time, no equipment has been installed on that pole yet πŸ™ But I’m hopeful that speed will improve once that pole becomes operational.

  2. Andi Limjoco

    BTW, my friend told me that you can re-register again right before it expires so unused data and texts will not expire in the process. πŸ˜‰

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Ok, I’m going to try that and give an update! It makes sense, because I could also “roll over” my unused texts and minutes on my other GoSakto promos.

      1. Gina So

        Tried it re-registering an hour before expiration, it worked. At least my unused 200 texts and 700MB of data won’t go to waste. πŸ˜€

          1. K.S.

            Hi! Question lang. Applicable ba ito sa magkaibang promo? Ang balak ko po kasi ay gumamit ng 1000 texts + 1GB for 1 week tapos kung pwede ay ipagcombine ko yung natirang data and texts sa isa pang promo na 60 all network texts + 2GB for 1 month. Salamat po in advance. πŸ™‚

  3. Shawn

    Globe has a counterpart to Smart’s Load Protect. It is called Surf Alert. It prevents unexpected data charges when you’re not subscribed to a surfing promo (or connecting to a site not covered by your surfing promo).

    Text SURFALERT to 8888 for more info applicable to both Globe and TM afaik.

      1. zutil

        Try big70 same lang din sa promo ni globe. Tho d sya nai aadvertise. But its working 101%.alam naman ntin lahat na medyo mas malakas talaga signal ni smart kesa kay globe. Just type BIG70 SEND TO 9999.and youll get 1g data mb+300mb on youtube iflix. Etc+1000 texts to smart tnt and sun.

  4. Shawn

    Regarding the speed issue, Globe is fast here in Makati and also subscribed to the promo. I’m on LTE and I have no trouble reaching 15Mbps. Not sure with 3G/HSPA+ though.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Shawn! Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚ glad to hear that you are getting good speeds. My sis works at a building along Paseo de Roxas cor. Ayala and I’m just basing my review based on her daily experience in Makati and mine in Sta. Mesa πŸ™‚ We’re not using LTE though, we’re just using the regular 3G / H+

      1. Gina So

        I’m in Makati Bel-Air area and I’m able to reach 7-10 Mbps from time to time. Average is around 5-6 Mbps. I’m on H+ though and not on LTE.

  5. Paul

    Hey, BQ! Last week I bought a Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi 4G and had the Globe customer rep load me a supersurf 999. That’s 800mb datacap per day for 30 days. I thought this was a good deal coz my 4yr old son is such a Youtube freak! Anyway, we’d always exceed the 800mb datacap and end up with a 2G signal as penalty. And let me tell you, 2G is worse than the dial up connection of the 90’s! Globe’s data meter seems super fast. Just 20mins of watching youtube and data received was already 140mb. My son uses his ipad to watch youtube. My wife uses her iphone to FB and IG. I use the PC to play Diablo 3 online. We don’t download using supersurf. I have a PLDT DSL in my shop. That’s where I download the latest 1080p movies and TV shows. Hehe. So I’ve been researching the whole day if there’s a hack/trick or a promo from Globe, Sun or Smart that has unli Youtube. But I’ve come up empty. I was hoping you know of such a promo/plan/hack/trick or whatever. TIA!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Paul, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Is getting a DSL at your house not possible? I would never recommend a mobile promo like the Globe Supersurf 999 for family use because of the 800mb cap – it’s just too small. Maybe it would be okay for 1 person’s casual use (FB, IG, web surfing, short youtubing, etc..) but not for the whole family. 800mb is really a very low cap, especially for video streaming. Any video watched online uses up a lot of mobile data.

      As for Youtube, you can put the settings at a lower quality 480p instead of 720p to use less data. Most people won’t notice the difference in video quality.

      Also, have you heard of Opera Max? I’ve read about it but I haven’t used it myself. Mixed feedback from people, but it’s supposed to save you a lot on data usage. Not sure if it’s available for iOS.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I don’t know of any legit unli Youtube promo in the Phils. You can google “free unli internet globe tips tricks” to find other ways though ;P Parang BDO lang, we find ways. Hahaha.

      TIP: If you are going to try anything, don’t use your regular SIM (the number everyone knows). If you get caught and the telco deactivates your SIM, you’re going to have a problem updating everyone of your new number, you might even have to update your business cards, your Viber, your WeChat, etc… so just avoid the hassle and get a P40 throwaway SIM to try non-legit stuff on.

      Also, I’ve heard that Smart is really not that strict in implementing their cap.

      1. Cindy Katungkulan

        I tried the globe supersurf bypass and it works (at least for 3G/HSPA+). It needs some technical know how though but is useful if you’re in an area that Globe is the best network in terms of of internet quality. A quick google search or two helps. πŸ˜‰

        Smart throttles torrents nowadays especially if you’re using Unlisurf or LTE promos. They will also slow you down without prior warning (around 1Mbps in my experience) if your usage reaches a particular threshold (around a gig or two #NoTransparency). One time, I lost the ability to connect at all when I watched a series of HD Youtube series and had to endure a 30-minute call to their not so helpful customer service representatives just so that I could use my remaining subscription.

        That’s why I chose Globe. At least I know I will be throttled once I reach upon a publicly disclosed usage threshold and just use the bypass trick to get around that. πŸ™‚

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Hi Cindy! Thanks for confirming that the bypass works! πŸ™‚ At first I was doubtful because the trick just seemed so easy.

          Arrggh. It’s just so frustrating that we consumers have to resort to such workarounds just to get our money’s worth. Subscribing to an unlimited promo should really mean UNLIMITED, not throttled once a certain threshold is reached.

          The DOJ already said that Unlimited means Unlimited. Why is there no bigger uproar over this? πŸ™

          Sorry to hear about your experience with Smart. The last time I subscribed to a Smart unli (1 day) was late last year and I was able to download a 1GB+ movie in 8 minutes on H+. Guess they changed and started implementing their FUP.

          FUPS are so F’d up! Sometimes I daydream that we all rallied at EDSA or at Mendiola and demanded an end to FUP. That and against our sky high electricity rates. These issues hurt people more directly than PDAF and I’m just astounded/ disappointed that such a thing hasn’t happened yet.

          1. Mel Chiokso

            I had a similar experience with Smart. I was using a Jump In LTE sim and subscribed to LTE 50. Since the speed was good enough, I was able to stream download around 4GB worth of videos in more than an hour. After that I had to turn off my LTE pocket wifi and to my horror, I wasn’t able to connect to the internet once I turned it back on. I had to call Smart thrice just to be able to connect again since the first two took more than 5 minutes and there was no CSR available to handle my complaint.

            Good thing my LTE pocket wifi was not network-branded so I bought a Globe LTE sim last February. For an extra five pesos and a certain gosakto-counterpart of supersurf, I was able to experience more value at lower price than Smart and that already includes the extra five pesos. Globe’s LTE speed here near NAIA might be slower than Smart’s but I get more value. Imagine for 73 pesos , I get two-days worth of unlimited LTE from globe plus a few text messages. Smart doesn’t even have a 2-day option for their LTE service.

    2. Cindy Katungkulan

      Ipad (especially the retina ones) default to HD quality as far as I know. 140MB for 20mins of Youtube video is actually average (it is probably of 480p resolution). Try viewing it 1080p and data usage will be around 120MB for a 3minute video. πŸ˜€

  6. Barat Queen Post author

    Hi @Mel Chiokso,

    What GoSakto promo did you use? Haha, buti pa nga sa NAIA may LTE πŸ˜› Still no LTE in my part of Sta. Mesa for both Globe & Smart, according to their LTE coverage info. Still hoping it will be available soon.

    Were you able to confirm that the reason you weren’t able to reconnect to Smart was because you went over the FUP? If it was because of the FUP, that’s terrible πŸ™ Don’t they know that people don’t subscribe to unlisurf promos just for a measly 4GB of internet?

    And for Globe, was it an Unli surf type promo? Unlimited talaga? What about the 800MB FUP?

    1. Lemuel Ty

      I experienced that and when I called they didn’t mention any FUP. They weren’t even able to explain why I lost my ability to connect.

      I though it was just a one-time thing and a problem with Smart’s network in general so I dismissed it. It happened two more times after that when I decided to investigate.

      So that third time when I lost my ability to connect, I asked my brother (who’s also a Smart subscriber) to see if he’s able to connect and he was able to connect. So I guess, Smart is making it hard for “heavy” users without announcing it. I feel like I’m misled. They said it was unlimited. They didn’t even mention any threshold. Then they remove my ability to connect without even telling me why.

  7. Lemuel Ty

    @Mel, experienced that too so I switch to Globe. What promo is that? I only know of the 71 pesos 2 days “unlisurf” + globe/tm texts. So plus 5 it wil cost me 76. I hope you can share that as 3 pesos as savings adds up over time. πŸ˜€

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Lemuel, thank you for sharing your experience with Smart. That’s so awful, not knowing why your internet has been cut. Have you used the P71.00 2 days Globe “unlisurf”? Did you experience the 800mb capping and were you able to bypass it?

      I’m still looking for a reasonably-priced 30-day mobile internet promo to use while going around town – instagram, pinterest, watch youtube when bored and waiting in line or waiting for someone, stuff like that. Medyo hassle pa din kasi this P70.00 for 1 GB, need to renew every week, when majority of my going out is only on holidays and weekends. But this P70 promo is better than nothing, I suppose.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Yes, working. Currently subscribed to it now. Legit na Gosakto offer naman yan. Pag naubos yung 1000MB before 7 days, gagana pa yung 1,000 texts until matapos yung 7 days. Or you can register again before it expires, any remaining MB or texts will be carried over.

          1. bok


            kung ma ca-carry over po yung remaining mbs and sms kapag nag load ulit before ma expire eh okay po, tanong po pano kapag 1 month ang gusto ko i load next, like100mb ung go surf 99, or meron po bang ibang promo na murang 1 month. ang target ko po kasi ay 1gb internet na extended sa 1 month.

      1. Anonymous

        i unsubscribe mo muna ung Gosurf50 mo, kc pag nag expired na yan masasama din na ma expired ung Gotscombodd. na exoerience ko yan, tinawagan ko sila pero half lang bilalik sa load ko.

  8. gabriel

    Hi so currently i bought a globe tatoo pocket wifi and globe tatoo sim, if i registered this plan will it work when i put it in the pocket wifi?

      1. Apollo Dulce

        hi =) i have a pocket wifi and a pocket wifi sim . will this —->>> 1 month (4 weeks) = 4GB = P280.00 (4GB of internet for only P280.00? Score! Right?) “PLAN” work on my pocket wifi and will it work till now “(aug 16 2015)” ??? thanks baratqueen =) hope mareplayan mo agad ako ^_^ and one more thing what will I put to reg ? GOTSCOMBODD280 ? thanks in advanced mam =)

        1. gie

          ask lang un 4gb nayan pag naubos ba wala na tlga load? kasi it is only good for a month but consumable kamo e? sa ibang bnsa kc un consumable but 1 mo, ang expiration after consume ng load tom or other day me load nnaman

  9. carlo

    pwee bang isahang register lang? i mean pwede kong iregister ng paulitulit ngayn para mahaba yung suscription o kaylangan ko pang hintayin magend yung promo?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      No.. Sa Sun lang yung may ganoon. Pag nag register ka ulit yun na yung start na magbibilang ulit si Globe ng 7 days… di niya ipapatong yung time.

  10. lance

    Kung gusto mo unli for 1 month internet mapapamahal ka, 999 go surf, or sa go sakto ung tig 500 ata un, katay na kc ung 73 petot na pang 1 month tapos reg 1gb for 1 day, tawag namin dun patong trick, mag rereg kalng 73 petot 10mb gud for 1 month, tapos reg ka nman sa 36 petot na 1gb data for 1 day, kaht pagpatung patungin mo ung tig 36 na pang 1 day ang expire nun magiging 1 month, kht sampung beses mo iregister ung tig 36, mgging 10gb for 1 month, dun knlng sa go sakto 1 month na tig 500, para d hassle magreg everyweek, tapos bili ka prepaid lte sim mura lng mga 40 to 60 petot, para mabilis ang intertnet, kung ayaw mo naman bagong sim, pa ugrade mo ung sim mo sa lte, yan parin number mo naka lte kapa

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi jennie, send it to 8888. If this is your first time to use GoSakto, I suggest you do it the long way muna so you’ll know how it goes before doing the shortcut πŸ™‚ Just dial *143#

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Text mo lang GOTSCOMBODD70 TO 8080.

          Sa *143#, choose surf and text. Piliin mo 1000 mb, 7 days, unlitext to all networks.

  11. SianSei

    Hi po. I have a question but not very much related from the topic. I have a 4G Tattoo prepaid stick with a Tattoo sim. With that Tattoo sim, I only got 1mbps of average speed in our area during daytime. What if I will change my sim into a LTE sim? Will it improve the speed of my 4G prepaid stick(which is not a LTE prepaid stick/wifi)? May nakita kasi akong comment sa itaas about LTE sim.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello, SianSei,

      I don’t know if changing the SIM to an LTE SIM will improve the speed. The new LTE SIM will just revert back to using 3G/4G if LTE signal is not available and if your gadget is not LTE-capable, so baka pareho lang, walang pagbabago.

      1mbps average speed during the day for Globe prepaid is pretty standard, in my experience.

  12. Adrian Bermudez

    Hi, Hey what should I do after texting the keyword to 8888 should I do something sa settings ng phone ko? Mas mahal ba kung 3g or 4g gagamitin? Or how does that work?pagkasend ko ba pwede nako gumamit ng apps just like through ordinary wifi usage except the fact na limited data usage? Thanks in advance.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Adrian,

      Usually automatic naman makukuha ng phone mo yung settings, esp if it’s a relatively new model phone from a reputable company. I suggest pag-aralan mo yung settings ng phone mo so you know what’s happening, where to check if it’s using data or wifi, and how to stop or change it.

      3G or 4G is the same price. LTE is the one that’s different, but same price range as 3G/4G. It depends on signal strength – kapag malakas ang signal, makukuha mo 4G. This is when you see H+ on your phone. Pag medyo mahina ang signal sa lugar, you get 3G lang.

      To use, it’s just the same as using wifi. Except mas mabilis usually ang wifi AND hindi ka concerned kung gaano ka kalakas mag internet sa wifi. When using data, stressed ka kasi binibilang yung gamit mo – for example, max of 100MB lang depende sa promo na ni-register mo. Of course, you don’t want to exceed kasi mahal πŸ™‚ Also, it 3g/4g depends on signal strength – no signal = no internet.

      1. Adrian Bermudez

        Thanks a lot, I figured out how to use the promo and make the most out of it. I admire people like you setting up helpful sites like this Thanks again!

      2. Eric

        This is a legitimate GoSakto offer, there are no tricks involved. The offer is called GOTSCOMBODD70, and to get it, you just choose:

        Text & Surf
        1,000 texts to Globe/TM
        1,000 MB mobile internet
        7 days
        And voila! 1GB mobile internet for only P70.00, good for 7 days. Oh, and you also get 1,000 texts to Globe/TM.

        Madam Barat ask ko lang po if puwede po ba ito sa mga C.O.C addict and pano po ba magregister? sa GOTSCOMBODD70? puwede nyo po ba ituro skin? maraming salamat po…

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Hello Eric! Thanks for visiting!

          Sorry, di ako naglalaro ng COC. Walang time, haha πŸ™‚ Pero alam ko puwede naman. As far as I know, the 1GB can be used for any internet usage, walang restrictions. Kayalang, based on my experience, medyo mabagal ng konti, but this could be because of my location. Try mo nalang πŸ™‚ Hope it works well for you.

          To register, dial *143# using Globe SIM and pick the choices listed above. Instructions here:

          You can also text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8888.

  13. gelo

    check this out:



  14. Kevin

    this is my third time to ask thw same question here and hopefully you or anyone can answer it, im currently register to a promo that cost less than 300 and it is consist of 2000 text to all network,500 minutes of call to tm and globe and 1gb data allocation for a whole month, it is somewhat costly but load efficient, now there is a promo in gosakto that cost 36php to get 1gb allocation for a whole day and gs99 or gosurf 99 that gives you 100mb for a month (which is good for coc or summoners war users), do you think if i register this both at the same time, the one gb allocation will be carried over for a month? plss respond thank you

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Kevin, thank you for commenting! I haven’t tried it but I don’t think it works. If it did, it would be all over the local internet sites already.

      You can try it and see if it works πŸ™‚ Please report the results! πŸ™‚

    2. maxchris27

      hi kevin i`m using that promo 1000 tx to all network/500 mins call globe/tm and 1gb data..try to register GOTSCOMBOKEA36 that would cost you 36pesos for additional 1 gig internet..valid for 1 day yan pero kng naka reg ka sa 30days promo with data papatong lng yan kya magiging 30days before ma using that to play Summoners War and Kritia

      1. NORIE

        Hi, this is the promo that i’ve been looking for. how can I register with 1000 tx to all network/500 mins call globe/tm and 1gb data for 1 month.

        Im currecntly registered to GOCTCOMBODD32 (1000 tx to all network/500 mins call globe/tm for day) and combined it with GOCOMBOAKFSF151 (UNLI Foursquare) kaya umabot ng 1 month yung pang 1 day na texts and call ko but without data. I tried addiing up GOTSCOMBOKEA36 pero yung data good for 1 day lang. Pano ko pahahabain ng 1 month yung data that costs P36 in addition dun sa current registration ko ngayon?

  15. Arrianne

    Hi mam,

    I this wont work anymore. Tried sending it using regular txt but nothing happened. Please tell me if this is still up for grab. Thank you

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Arrianne,

      Thanks for visiting the site! I haven’t been using this anymore because it’s slow in my area. I’ve been using Smart Big Bytes 299 lately.

      However, just to test, I created the promo using *143# and I was still able to get this promo (I just did not continue the registration process after getting the price). Text & Surf, Globe/TM texts, 1000 texts, 1000 MB, 7 days. P70.00.

      Sometimes though it takes a long time for Globe to send the confirmation message, sometimes it’s delayed by up to 5 minutes. I experienced this during my last 2 months of registering to my favorite GoSakto combo. After 3 minutes, I start panicking and do *143#, then Gosakto, then Manage Subscriptions then check status. Then the confirmation message from Globe arrives…

  16. Jay

    Well, I just wanna tell you that 1GB is not enough for me. To tell you, I have some tricks that can make you download more than 10GB with just P60.00.. It’s just the matter of combining their promos.. It doesn’t violate their FUP because I don’t use third party applications (or whatever whatnot) to remove data caps limitation. I had my last downloaded data at 13GB for 1 day.. That’s just the down side of it. You can only use it for 1 day.. Sorry but I won’t tell you how I did it.. I just wanna give you a hint that there are a lot of trick to use their promos according to your needs.. I’m a heavy download guy and that trick really helped me..

      1. Jay

        Well, Speed is great on my current location.. It gives me 7mbps maximum.. But most of the time, I have 2-3mbps of speed.. That’s why I can download movies and games within 24hrs of non-stop use up to 20GB and more..

  17. nad_09

    meron po ba kaypng alam na pwede pwedeng i-combine na load?? for example po ung GOTSCOMBODD70 ma-e-extend ng 1month kahit meron extra charge sa pag cocombine.. thnx po

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi nad_09, dati meron pero tinanggal na. Haven’t heard of a new one to extend it. Anyway, google mo lang πŸ™‚ it doesn’t have to be GOTSCOMBODD70 palagi, try ka ng ibang gosakto na may 1GB data din. Google google ka lang πŸ™‚

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi ikay, gumagana naman ang skype (messaging). I haven’t tried skype calling on it. Medyo mabagal kasi sa area namin. Anyway, I have been using Smart Big Bytes recently. Globe internet is my back up only, but as far as I know, this promo is still working.

  18. miguel

    Yay! eto yun eh. Yung pang student tipid mode tlga. Pang google ng assignments at pang c.o.c. sa xtra time. Share ko na din fav. Promo ko. GOCOMBOAKFA32 unli net 1day: 10mins call globe2globe: 10 all net txt: may capping din naman like supersurf50 pero ito na pinaka murang alam ko. Gamit ko sa prepaid sim or pocket wifi na prepaid. PROUD TO BE BARAT nakakapiga ako ng 1.6gb consume sa fav. Unli ko pandownload ng anime(16 episode) or korean drama(10 episodes).

  19. Gerald Malit

    Is this still available? I am trying to register since yesterday. But the message that I always received was ” Sorry, hindi naproseso ang iyong request. Please ty again later.”

    My instinct tells me that Globe has taken down this GOTSCOMBODD70 offer. And I am starting to feel a little pissed off.

    Can we confirm with Globe? I have read from another post that the response from Globe was there might be a problem with the APN. But I’m using that combo for a month (without checking for any APN) and it’s working. Then suddenly it stopped.


  20. Gerald Malit

    UPDATE: GOTSCOMBODD70 still working. πŸ™‚ Yey!

    But you needed to register, and register, and register (just in case your first attempts weren’t successful). Patience is a virtue.

    Thanks Globe.

    Thank God. πŸ™‚

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Gerald! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for updating us about the GOTSCOMBODD70! I appreciate it! Mukhang marami ng nakakaalam at gumagamit niyan. Sana di mawala πŸ™‚

  21. MIKE

    does it still work on TM subscribers?, . . because it says that ive entered an invalid keyword :(( . ive been tryin it for several times now. .

  22. mikel

    Ok parin ba ito hangang ngaun?. kasi nag register ako last tuesday (oct 20) isang araw ko lang siya nagamit ng maayos, nag try ako mag balance ang sabi “hindi maproseso ang request” FB lang ang nagagamit hangang ngaun.. other services like browsing and COC ayaw na..

  23. Van

    Hi im a new user of Globe and I have been researching affordable mobile data plans since I changed my mind to have an internet connection which I thought it would make me spend less. So im wondering if 1Gb can give you lots of things to do?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Van, 1GB for 1 week is enough for all your regular internet needs as long as you do not watch a lot of YouTube or download torrents. FB, Instagram, Emails, Waze, Web surfing, etc… kasya na ang 1GB. As for games, it depends on what kind of games you play.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello, it’s still working as far as I know. Nagkakaproblema lang sa registration, and people are advising to do manual registration via *143# instead of texting gotscombodd70. Maybe Globe’s system is having problems with so many people trying to register to this combo.

  24. nads

    1st ako nakainan ng load dito,i use it for running app plus gps.di ako maka browse etc pero makikita mo may signal yung data so ginagamit ko nlng pantakbo,alam ko expire n pero may signal pdn ang data.

  25. Che

    Im using smart jump in sim and im planning to register to big bytes. Ask ko lng kung makakasagap b ng LTE signal ang big bytes kase im using LTE ready sim, lte capable phone and Lte covered area. Or need ko tlga magregister sa LTE promo ng smart. I’ve tried n kse smart life 299 pero never ko na experience ang LTE signal. I asked the customer service and sabi nila pag smartlife offers 3G lng dw talaga ang signal. Kya nagwoworry ako bka kse 3G lng dn ang masagap kong signal if magregister ako sa big bytes. Nung nag globe LTE sim kse ako nakasagap ako ng LTE signal. I was using GOSURF that time pero medyo inconsistent. Please reply po. Thanks!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, I am not sure. I think you need to subscribe to the LTE promo to get LTE speeds. I think Big Bytes will only give 4G speeds.

  26. mars

    Hello Barat Queen,

    Ive been using this promo for quite a while using an LTE SIM and PHONE. Satisfied user. But for a month or two now where I check the remaining bytes the reported available would suddenly decrease (say from 1gb to 700mb) but later I would check it would increase (from 700mb earlier to 900mb now).
    At time it would suddenly report that I have all eaten up my remaining bytes, but when I check later it has a few megabytes available. Then I would use that balance only to find out that it has consumed my remaining 5 pesos balance (which is required to use the net while on this promo). But more stranger is that it would allow me to use up the reported few megabytes even with now zero loan balance for quite sometime (i tried using 1 day).
    In one case, since this promo has no call equivalent, in the middle of my GOTSCOMBDD70 subscription I subscribed to a GOSAKTO promo with some call minutes for 1 day. When that call promo expired, I suddenly noticed that surfing ate up my remaining load balance (5 pesos). It seems GOTSCOMBODD70 also expired with the separate call promo, at least its internet side. I tried registering again but to no avail. I have to unsubscribe from the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo then re-subscribed again. I think i used up around 300mb from the expired promo.

    Anybody with experiences like me?

  27. ahmersu

    na experience ko na po naka gotscombodd70 ako habang naka unli rin ako sa gosurf10 then nung na expired ung gosurf10 ko ung remaining mb ko sa gotscombo biglang nawala i think nasa 100mb palang na consume ko fb+coc and summoners war lang naman pinaggamitan ko ng mb ….medyo pumapalya na ang gotscombodd70 ngayon dnagaaya ng dati..

  28. idunnowhy

    medyo kakaiba tong naexperince haha guys … tuwing maglalaro ako ng game ko sa laptop … basta hindi 1-2 am ng madaling araw… matulin ang internet speed.. pero pag 1 at 2 am na … sa di ko mapaliwanag na dahilan .. parang nawawalan ng interneet… nakakapasok naman ako sa game pero laging nadidisconnect dahil sa internet … guys globe tattoo broadband gamit ko… may alam ba kayong dahilan kung bakit ganon??
    reply asap

  29. AMR

    Ask ko lang, why is it na after one day ng pag subscribe ko nito di na gumana yung internet ko? pati yung facebook and spotify na stop na, tapos nag text si globe na regular browsing rate and inapply since di raw ako naka register into a surf promo.

  30. ronah

    meron p din po ba nito.. ilang arw n kc ako ngliload ang 800mb pang 1 day lng skn sa smrt .. try ki sna s globe nkakainis kc bkit wla ng unli internet.. rude.. reply nlng pla

  31. Joey Gee

    Yup…still working pa po ito ^_^

    Sa mga hindi pa po nakaka pag try…

    – just load regular P70 sa Globe
    – text/type GOTSCOMBODD70
    – send to 8888
    – yun na, hehe πŸ˜‰

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Just dial #143* then choose Gosakto then Manage Subscriptions. Find something like check balance… you will get a text showing you how many texts and MBs you have left.

  32. KiT

    Hi.. Pano po yung registration sa 4gb.. 1month… Ung ginagamit ko kasi ngayon is 1.2gb for 30days. For 135.00 pesos… Thanks sa sasagot.. Interested ako sa 4gb.. Pano po registration?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      No. 1GB lang for 7 days. Pag naubos na, ubos na. Just subscribe to another 1GB for 7 days for P70 bago mag expire yung luma, any remaining unused MBs will be carried over to your new registration πŸ™‚

  33. Norie Tagpis

    Hi. I’ve been subscribing to GOSAKTOcombo Promo GOCTCOMBODD32 & GOCOMBOAKFSF151 for months. But since yesterday, I can no long subscribe to GOCOMBOAKFSF151. What other GOSAKTO promo can I use to extend my 1day call (Globe) & Text (all networks) up to 30 days?

  34. John

    Gumagana PA din to til now gsto ko sana malaman ung 4gb for 1mnth? Okay ung gotscombodd70 pero ung 4gb for 1mnth pano po kaya magreg?tnx SA mga sasagot

      1. Eggward

        Do the math!
        P70 x 4 weeks in a month = P280
        1G per month x 4 weeks in a month= 4G

        Basically they just added everything up and there’s no single promo that’ll give you 4G of data in a month.

  35. Chi

    How to use the 1month promo? Ano po ita-type?

    * 1 month (4 weeks) = 4GB = P280.00 (4GB of internet for only P280.00? Score! Right?) *

    1. Kevin

      For alternative:
      GS99 send to 8888
      GOTSCOMBOKEA37 send to 8888

      GS99 is gosurf 99 giving you 200mb for a month
      GOTSCOMBOKEA37 costs 37 pesos giving you 1gb worth of internet for a day, but these two will combine you will get a 1.2gb of internet for a month, if you want more gb just register to the 37 pesos and you want to extend your promo for another month register again gs99. hope it will help.

  36. killa

    Bakit nagnanakaw ang tm ng load.. pag 30 tas 20 lang ginamit mo.. kinabukasan bigla-biglang mawawala…. pano un?? tas ung extend nya bat dapat isang araw mo lang gawin..

  37. Jai

    Thank you so much for this information. Haven’t had an internet connection since Saturday last week, galing ng PLDT. been using my phone as a source of communication and this promo is great news. Still working today and it’s not 1k messages to globe now, it’s unlitext to all networks I believe.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      No, it’s not available for postpaid as far as I know… πŸ™ The choices for what you can register to is on postpaid is limited, unlike with prepaid where you can do gosakto.

  38. dannyboykolokoy

    From where I live (Somewhere in Paranaque.) Globe’s service really sucks.
    Minsan nga when I’m attacking on a COC clan war, all of I sudden I get disconnected. (say hello to blank star war attacks. xD ) For some reason the H sign on my signal bar takes a long time to disappear when I turn off my phone’s mobile data.

    Smart has a problem with capping and throttling from time to time especially in the evening. But nevertheless, Smart is still better (not the best) than Globe in my area.

    Last night, I switched back to using GOTSCOMBODD70, because for some reason, Globe seems to work fine when the SIM is on a separate device. (e.g pocket wifi)

    So I’m going to observe which one works better between these two telcos. SUN CELLULAR is out of the question. They have the worst internet service in my neighborhood so far. πŸ™‚

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi danny!

      Thanks for sharing! I thought I was the only one who noticed the H symbol takes a long time to disappear after turning off mobile internet, too. But when I switched to a new phone, I didn’t notice this problem anymore.

      I am thinking this has something to do with the phone itself. I noticed this started happening after I had my previous phone for almost 2 years. It worked fine when the phone was new. I was also having problems with the phone’s GPS, too. Even doing factory reset on the phone didn’t fix it. Baka talaga naluluma na yung phone kaya ganun. I don’t know the technical explanation, basta we just joke nalang na napupudpod na yung GPS dahil sa sobrang gamit ;P

  39. Reggil Sarranz

    Gotscombodd70 is great ! We always used it but i wish gawin ng 1 month na 280 pesos agad. nakakatamad magpaload every week eh !


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