Thai Temple Spa Review – New, Affordable Massage Place in San Juan

Thai Temple Spa San Juan

My sis bought some dealgrocer coupons to Thai Temple Spa a couple of months ago and she treated me to a session. This was my first time to visit this spa. It just opened a few months ago.

It is located in San Juan, near the Alex III at the corner of Wilson and J. Abad Santos. It’s near Serenitea but not exactly in front of Serenitea. It’s in the same street as the relocated Sodam. There’s no parking so that’s a slight problem, but you can park elsewhere and just buy a drink or something.

Thai Temple Spa Exterior

The place, while small, was able to give a sense of calm and positive vibes. I really liked the reception area – I found it sort of like steampunk meets nature.

Thai Temple Spa Reception

The dealgrocer coupon only cost P254 and included a 60-minute full body massage (Swedish or Thai) + a 30-minute foot reflex massage. The only downside is that you can only use the coupons from 12nn – 7 pm.

Here are the regular prices:

Thai Temple Spa Service Massage Menu

Our Swedish massage + add-on foot massage would actually cost P500 at regular price. Good thing we bought the dealgrocer voucher! But even at regular price, it’s not that expensive. I would even consider it affordable, taking into account the location, the new amenities and the nice ambience.

We were asked to change into slippers, and they took us inside to get our feet washed:

Thai Temple Spa Foot Wash

After washing our feet, we were led to our individual rooms and asked to disrobe for the massage.

Thai Temple Spa Room

The masseuse asked me how I liked the massage pressure: soft, medium or hard. I chose hard pressure.

The massage was good. The attendant really took the time to try to massage out all the “lamig”. By the time the body massage was almost finished, I was wondering why she didn’t massage my feet at all. When it was over, she told me that we would be transferring to the foot massage area. Oh, so that’s where we’ll be having our foot massage!

We were asked to sit on reclining chairs (similar to a La-Z-Boy), and they gave us two hot pillows: one to put on our lower back, and the other one to put behind our shoulders. They covered our feet to keep them warm.

Thai Temple Spa Foot Reflex

The masseuse started massaging my feet, and she used a wooden stick to help with the massage. She also used the stick to press on points on my feet.

Oooohhh… the foot massage + reclining chair + hot pillows made me so sleepy! I didn’t want to leave even after the foot massage was over.

After the massage was finished, they asked if we wanted tea or hot water. I forgot, I drank it all and used the hot towel before taking a pic:

Thai Temple Spa Hot Tea

We tipped generously because I felt that what I received in terms of service was worth more than the P250 voucher cost. I mean, I asked for a hard massage and they delivered. The facilities were also clean and nice, the music was relaxing, and there’s the soothing sound of flowing water throughout the whole spa.

Tip: wear something comfortable that will make it easy to access your legs for the leg massage. They didn’t provide us with any robes or T-shirt/shorts.


Thai Temple Spa is a nice and affordable spa if you live near the area. Even at regular rates, I find them a good value for money. P300 – P350 for a body massage at this kind of nice-looking establishment is very inexpensive. Thai Temple Spa does not look or feel chipipay unlike other massage places at the P300 price range.

My only concern is the lack of parking space, so customers who drive there will need to look for other places to park. Another issue for me is that they are only open until 1AM. After we watch movies (usually last full show), we can’t go get a massage here anymore because they will be closing 🙁

I definitely recommend the foot massage!

Thai Temple Spa
J. Abad Santos street corner Lopez Jaena street, Little Baguio, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 576 7043 ; 501 5458 ; 0956 – 1785474

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