Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

Super Duck D Tuazon Front

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop is a lively little tea shop serving natural, organic, high quality tea, and delicious food at very affordable prices. To give you an idea: their version of the popular rock salt cheese tea, called Nai Kai, is only P100 for the large size!

The name Super Duck can be a bit misleading, but the franchise is a direct import from Taiwan, the name being 超級達可時尚茶飲, the Duck part being a direct phonetic translation, and that’s why it’s named Super Duck. It has nothing to do with ducks.

But don’t be so disappointed  Super Duck has the best food I have ever had from a milk tea chain, and at really, very inexpensive prices.

I visited the newly-renovated D. Tuazon branch with some foodie friends. It looks like your typical milk tea chain, but is well-lighted. There is more space on the second floor.

Super Duck D Tuazon Interiors

Super Duck D Tuazon Interiors From Second Floor


I tried so many teas that day that it’s beyond my capacity to remember how each and every one of them tasted. I do remember that I liked most of them.

What I remember liking are:

  • the plain black basic tea
  • Rose Lemon Tea with Aloe Vera, which I think is perfect for summer
  • Wintermelon Nai Kai (rock salt and cheese), I love that their rock salt cheese has real cheese bits inside
  • Pearl Milk Tea – Super Duck’s milk tea is a light but aromatic milk tea, in contrast to the stronger tea-flavored ones of other milk tea shops
  • Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds – this one is refreshing, too. Perilla is rich in antioxidants, which help to prevent chronic disease and delays aging.
  • Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice and Grass Jelly
  • Yakult Kiwi
  • Black Sesame Pearl Milk Smoothie
  • Oreo Oolong Milk Smoothie
  • Heineken Green Tea
  • Avocado and Pudding Smoothie

Prices range from P65 to P125 for the Large size. The teas, fruits, seeds, sinkers, etc… are all fresh, every day. Super Duck doesn’t use any of those chemical flavorings for their drinks.

Super Duck Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds

Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds

Super Duck Rose Lemon Tea with Aloe Vera

Rose Lemon Tea with Aloe Vera

Super Duck Tropical Fruit QQ Tea

Tropical Fruit QQ Tea


We started with the Quackers – these are an assortment of fried foods like fries, tofu bites, vegetarian cheesedogs, nuggets, crispy shrooms, vegetarian calamares, and the dynamite, green peppers filled with cheese.

Super Duck Quackers

Super Duck Dynamite

I thought they were really done well. The oil used to fry them was fresh, the food was not greasy and stayed crisp even after a long time. They were not too salty, either. Everything was lightly flavored. Delicious and yet, tasted healthy. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is better than most fried food in other restaurants, and I would definitely be ordering these as appetizers every time I visit Super Duck! Price ranges from P60-P90.

Super Duck Pearl Milk Tea Quackers

We also tried the vegetarian pastas, Spaghetti with Vegetarian Meatballs (P125) and Veggie Carbonara (P125). They were just okay, but I kind of liked the vegetarian meatballs. I would order the vegetarian meatballs for pica-pica if I could.

Super Duck Veggie Spaghetti

Super Duck Veggie Carbonara

We also tried the Pizzas – Bacon Mushroom (P230), Garlic Shrimp (P250), Hawaiian (P230), and Vegetarian (P200). The pizzas are thin, the dough made fresh, and I think are on par with the more well-known pizza places offering this kind of thin pizza! But Super Duck’s pizzas are so much more affordable! Hopefully, in the future, they can also offer alfalfa sprouts and arugula on the side. Unfortunately, Super Duck doesn’t offer their pizzas for take out because the crust might get soggy. So they recommend eating the pizza at the store. Their pizzas are definitely something you need to try, I liked the Hawaiian best.

Super Duck Pizza 2

Super Duck Pizza

We also tried the Quack Pao (P75) – this is a pork belly (hong ma) sandwich with some salted Chinese vegetables that can be an acquired taste, but if you like cuapao, you’ll probably like this. 

Super Duck Quack Pao

If you are looking for a traditional Taiwanese meal, I suggest the 12-Hour Tea-infused Pork Belly (Hong Ma) with Rice (P125) with half egg (P8). You can’t go wrong with soy-braised pork belly 

Super Duck Tea Infused Pork Belly

Next, we also had the Chori Burger with Matcha Basil Aioli (P125) – this was my favorite dish! It is a flavorful meat burger that tastes like chorizo, and the matcha basil aioli was just perfect with it! The burger meat is ground up pretty well, so it won’t have the more crumbly consistency that you might be more used to.

Super Duck Chori Burger

I also thought that the Tea-Fried Chicken (P99 for 1-pc, with rice; P159 for 2-pc, with rice) was absolutely delicious. It was golden, crunchy, juicy, not too salty. Are you seeing a pattern here? The food at Super Duck is delicious but tries to be healthy where it can – they avoid using more salt than necessary, avoid chemicals, use fresh oil, etc…

Super Duck Fried Chicken

For dessert, we had the Egg Custard Pao (P42 for 1 pc, P80 for 2 pcs). This is a small “siopao” that has a filling of custard and salted egg yolk! Super yum! If you have never tried a yellow custard / salted egg filling before, you must give this a try just to get an idea of why everyone who has tried a salted egg yolk filling becomes in love with it. Although personally, I would prefer the pao a little more toasted. I would probably put it in the oven toaster for a few minutes before eating if I had it at home. 

Super Duck Egg Custard Pao


I still can’t believe that a large Nai Kai drink only costs P100! You can customize your drink to your liking as much as you want, too. There are so many possibilities, I think you can go there every day for months and not get the same drink twice.

The staff at Super Duck are very well-trained. All of them know a lot about tea, and can tell you which toppings go well with which tea. They are also very nice but leave you alone when you don’t want to be disturbed.

I also like that they truly fill your drink – by this, I mean, when you order a drink with “less ice”, you still get a full cup’s worth, not half a cup because the ice is gone. The staff are trained well enough to know how to adjust the recipe amounts to accommodate your “less ice” or “no ice” requests.

The food items are a new addition to the menu, but I was quite happy with the ones we got to try. The food was definitely a cut above other milk tea shops’, and the pizza could give that famous flat pizza restaurant a run for its money. All it needed was some alfalfa sprouts and arugula!

I was also very impressed with the superior quality and level of the food, most unexpected from a milk tea shop! The dishes are also as healthy as they can make it – they avoid making it too salty, nor too sweet, they avoid processed ingredients, they use fresh oil, they use fresh ingredients as much as they can. This commitment to quality is something I rarely see in any commercial restaurant chain.

Parking is available and free, the building has a guard so the place is quite safe. It is a good place to catch up with friends, to study, or to just eat, without breaking the bank. The atmosphere is casual enough that you won’t feel apprehensive bringing children, too. Even customers who need to be more careful with their health will find something good at Super Duck! 

If you find yourself near the area, definitely check out Super Duck!

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop
D Tuazon Branch: Ground Floor, TCC Center, 190 D. Tuazon Corner Malaya Street, Barangay Maharlika, Banawe, Quezon City
SM Cyberwest Branch: 2F SM Cyberwest Bldg, EDSA cor. West Avenue, Quezon City
Contact: 0975 157 1557

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