Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds, Part 3

Summer BBQ Party SnR Sale Items

This is Part 3 of the Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds post. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

So Part 1 showed you the furniture items on sale you can use for your Summer party, and in Part 2, we saw the drinks and serving ware on sale! Here in Part 3, we’ll talk about the FOOD & HEALTH & BEAUTY ITEMS on SALE!

Health & Beauty

EOS Lip balms were all the rage in the beauty community last year. Everyone who was anyone in the young beauty world was using one. Why? The EOS lip balms are cute, and totally non-greasy! But they are so hard to come by in the Philippines! Worry no more, because they are available at S&R! This was my happiest discovery at S&R last month, and I’m happy to share this discovery with you now.

This pack of 3 lip balms and 3 lotions was P999.95 but is now only P749.95!

SnR EOS Lip Balm Lotion Set Price SnR EOS Lip Balm Lotion Set

This EOS 5-pack is also available but is not on sale.

SnR EOS Lip Balm 5 Pack

If you use conditioner as much as I do, you’ll be happy to see that the giant Dove Conditioner is back on sale! It was P599.95, now on sale for P429.95!

SnR Dove Conditioner

Having a hard time looking for Epsom salts? Me, too! Although these are not on sale, I wanted to include it for those who might be looking for Epsom salts for their natural home remedies.

SnR Epsom Salts

Here are some toothpastes on sale! It’s definitely time to stock up on toothpaste! The Buy 2 for P239.95 is definitely very sulit!

SnR Colgate Optic White 4 PackSnR Colgate Triple Action SnR Colgate Tartar Protection Promo


Save on some cakes and pastries!

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Cookies

These cakes are all less P100, and they are actually above average and better than what you would expect for P375!

SnR Cakes Less P100

Time to stock up on bangus! When I am at a loss on what to serve for dinner, we just have bangus! I never get tired of bangus…

SnR Bangus Less P30 SnR Fisherfarms Bangus

The S&R brown eggs are back on Buy 2 Take 1!!! This is our favorite deal and we always make sure to buy at least a 3-tray pack every time we see it on sale. There’s really a very big difference vs. regular white eggs. The yolk of the brown eggs are really very yellow, almost orange! Having these eggs means we’ll be cooking up a lot of leche flan, cheesecakes, cakes and omelets!

SnR Brown Eggs Buy 2 Take 1

These Premium Blue Bunny Ice Creams are discounted by P100! They’re now only P299.95! I find them delish & creamy and such good value for the price! You can confidently serve these to your party guests without feeling any pain in your pocket.

SnR Premium Blue Bunny Ice Cream Almond Fudge SnR Premium Blue Bunny Ice Cream

And here are the Meltique steaks with up to P200 OFF! *Visions of grilling beef* This is perfect for summer grilling!

SnR Meltique Steak Sale

This Hormel Spiral Sliced ham looks like really good value! I think it will also make a nice hostess gift. Or maybe make it a centerpiece of a Sunday dinner. It was P649.95 and it’s now only P499.95. It’s also a very big, heavy hunk of ham! I tried to take a picture of it holding it in one hand, but it was just too heavy, I gave up.

SnR Hormel Spiral Ham

There are still so many things on sale! There’s a sale on some The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, and the S&R brand pre-packed cheeses and hams/salamis/pancetta/prosciutto are also discounted!

These Hot Italian Sausages are a must-buy for us whenever it’s on sale. They are good on their own, but I love using them with pasta.

SnR Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausages

These imported Fruit Yogurt are Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Joogle Yogurt Buy 1 Take 1

There are so many more things on sale, I can’t even post them all. I’m leaving you with some chocolates (and some are discounted in time for Easter!). You have to visit S&R to see all the other stuff on sale – there are just too many for me to post!

Nutella! ‘Nuff said.

SnR Nutella Promo

I think this Natura Organic Soy Strawberry pack is very good value for only around P20 for a tetra pack of organic strawberry soymilk. Perfect for baon, right?

SnR Natura Organic Strawberry

This Big Nestle Crunch is really one big, thick, giant barkada or family-sized bar of chocolate. It’s a steal at P300!

SnR Nestle Crunch P300

Here are some Easter eggs!

Hersheys Chocolate Covered Almond Eggs Nestle Crunch Easter Egg

There are really more things on sale – I just don’t think I can post them all or this post is going to be waaaay too long!

Hope this post has helped you by showing you the great bargains you can find at S&R!

Thank you for reading Part 3! In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 of Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds and here’s Part 2 of Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds.

This post was made possible in collaboration with S&R Membership Shopping.

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