Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds, Part 1

Summer BBQ Party SnR Sale Items

Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy it than to have a summer party!

This is going to be a long post. I went to S&R yesterday and found A LOT of stuff on sale!

They currently have an Outdoor Furniture themed sale which will only be until March 31. So, hurry up and take advantage of the sale – some of the items are up to P15,000 OFF! Then read on because I will also be showing the other stuff that I found on S&R – sale on steaks, chocolates, beauty products, etc…!

Do you have a secret desire to do like Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa & Food Network fame) and have garden parties every weekend? Yes? Well, that’s my (not so) secret desire, too! 

I checked out S&R’s Outdoor Furniture sale and found some pretty good deals on outdoor dining sets and a BBQ grill!

This is the set that I think is the best value. I can’t believe that a set like that is only P16,999.95! That’s a 32% discount! I mean, it looks matibay, it has a sturdy round table and 4 swivel chairs. They are made of aluminum so they won’t rust, and I think the fabric is weatherproof. The whole set looks easy to clean and maintain, too.

SnR Outdoor Furniture Covington Set

SnR Outdoor Furniture Covington Set Price

The next 6-seater also looks quite nice. It’s originally at P84,999.95, discounted P15,000, and is now at P69,999.95!

SnR Outdoor Furniture Madison Set

This next one is also a 6-seater. It was originally P74,999.95, less P15,000, and is now only P59,999.95! The good thing about this set is that it’s really for heavy duty! The table top is some sort of tile, I think, and the fabric is actually using the Sunbrella brand of weatherproof fabric.

SnR Outdoor Furniture Agio Sling Set

Close-up of Sunbrella fabric:

SnR Outdoor Furniture Agio Sling Set Sunbrella

Here is another 6-seater that was originally P42,999.95 and is now only P34,999.95 (less P8,000).

SnR Outdoor Furniture Portland Set

SnR Outdoor Furniture Portland Dining Set Price

Here are other outdoor furniture sets on sale:

SnR Outdoor Furniture Chat Set Aluminum

SnR Outdoor Furniture Keter Rattan Set

Keter Rattan Set

SnR Outdoor Furniture Mosaic Bistro Set

Mosaic Bistro Set, Keter Rattan Set is behind it

SnR Outdoor Furniture Olefin Steel Swing Canopy

I like how this swing has a built-in mosquito net! It’s sooooo rare to find a set like this that looks good AND is practical! Relax undisturbed by mosquitoes with this swing  No need to fiddle around with anti-mosquito sprays, candles or incense!

SnR Outdoor Furniture Tropical Garden Swing

SnR Outdoor Furniture Tropical Garden Swing Price

Aside from all the furniture sets, this big grill is also on sale! I have been eyeing this grill for a long time. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the space for it, and it is heartbreaking that we can’t take advantage of this P5,000 discount (from P22,999.95, it’s now only P16,999.95)! Imagine having BBQ parties, grilling and smoking food on that grill! I like that it has wheels, so it’s easy to move.

SnR Outdoor Furniture Barbecue BBQ Charcoal Charbroil Combo Grill

There are also some furniture for kids. The avocado green just makes me feel like summer!

SnR Outdoor Furniture Kids Stacking Chair

If you need more tables and chairs for your Summer BBQ Fun Party, here are more chairs and tables on sale!

These tables are only P2,000+!!! I think they will make very good extra tables for guests, and also very good buffet tables where you can put the food, drinks, desserts. As you can see, the legs fold and make them easy to store.

SnR Outdoor Furniture Buffet Table

SnR Outdoor Furniture Plastic Chairs

Want something more intimate? I’m loving this bistro set. It was P5,999.95 and now it’s only P4,299.95. Perfect for a balcony or a patio. I can totally imagine myself reading a newspaper, magazine or book here, while sipping coffee or sweet cold iced tea.

SnR Outdoor Furniture Keter Bistro Set

Now that we’ve covered the furniture, check out other things you might need for your Summer of Fun! Stay tuned for the next few posts to see what more things on sale (Food! Chocolates! Organic Eggs!) I found during my trip to S&R!

Here’s Part 2 of Summer BBQ Party Stuff Sale at S&R + Sale Finds.

This post was made possible in collaboration with S&R Membership Shopping.

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