Starbucks New Panna Cotta Frappucinos Review

Starbucks New Flavors Summer Berry Panna Cotta Dark Mocha Panna Cotta ReviewStarbucks recently came out with some new flavors for the summer – these are the Dark Mocha Panna Cotta (P200) and the Summer Berry Panna Cotta (P190) frappucinos.

We tried them out last #saturdate. The weather was soooooooo hot and these really made us feel so much better – even cold!  Sorry for the blurry picture.

The main thing about these new drinks is that they have panna cotta. It’s that white thing at the bottom of the drink. It’s soft like a milk pudding. Imagine a very soft, smooth, good quality taho, but creamier – that’s how the texture is. It’s nice that they are also very generous with the panna cotta – every sip I took had a generous amount of panna cotta.

Dark Mocha (my order) is obviously a deep chocolatey mocha flavor. I don’t normally like berry-flavored drinks because they always taste like cough syrup to me, but I was surprised that I actually liked the Summer Berry flavor (J’s order) – enough to consider ordering one for myself next time. It tasted more like natural berries and less cough syrup.

The only drawback to these drinks is the steeper price tag – P200 and P190 each for a venti  They are now available to the general public for a limited time. They were exclusive to Starbucks Cards members first from April 17-20.

If you are looking for some Starbucks travel mugs and tumblers, I saw some nice Chinese New Year-themed ones that were heavily discounted (from around P1,100 to only around P600)! I wanted to get the red one with the fireworks design because I still don’t have a metal travel mug and the design looks Lucky, but I still have 3 working Starbucks (all plastic) travel mugs 🙁

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4 thoughts on “Starbucks New Panna Cotta Frappucinos Review

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yeah, I really liked it because of the panna cotta. Somehow it helps keep my body temp down a little bit, I think 🙂 Basta gininaw ako while drinking the frap, even though the weather was really hot. Hahaha.

      There’s going to be a Buy 1 Take 1 on these next week!


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