Starbucks Card: Get 3 Bonus Stars on P1,000 Reload

Starbucks 3 Bonus Stars


I received an email from Starbucks this morning showing a promo where I can get 3 Bonus Stars when I reload at least P1,000 on my Starbucks Card.

Starbucks Reload 3 Bonus Stars P1000

So I logged in to my Starbucks Card account, and was also greeted with the same promo:

Starbucks 3 Bonus Stars Reload P1000

Every 12 beverage stars gets you one complimentary Grande Handcrafted Beverage. I just need one more star before I can claim my FREE Grande Handcrafted Beverage (I already have 11 stars), but earning more stars for free won’t hurt. If you can spare P1,000 and you go to Starbucks often, might as well take advantage of this and get the 3 stars!

UPDATE: You can earn 3 bonus stars as many times as you want within the promo period. Each transaction of at least P1,000 will earn you 3 stars.

The promo is from July 26 to August 1, 2016.

You can still use the P1,000 – it’s not wasted. The money is just there in your Starbucks account (exactly like prepaid Starbucks load), and you can use it at Starbucks any time you want. And every time you order a beverage at Starbucks, you still also earn stars. So, it’s like that money is doing double duty earning stars.

Last year, I was able to get 24 stars and claim 2 FREE grande handcrafted beverages. 

And thank you, Starbucks, for reminding me that I still have a free slice of cake I need to claim soon. I forgot about it!  I really appreciate how Starbucks provided 60 days for me to claim it. Other shops just limit you to 7 days after your birth date.

You can reload directly on the Starbucks Card page:

Starbucks 3 Bonus Stars Reload P1000 Payment

Oh, and I’m also so happy to share that J got me this Vivienne Tam Starbucks Card. He saw me looking through the Starbucks cards selection on the Starbucks counter because I was so sawa of my old brown Thank You Starbucks Card and he just said, out of the blue, that I can have the Vivienne Tam one if I wanted.  That was really so sweet! It works with my new wallet.

Starbucks Vivienne Tam Card

The Vivienne Tam card is a limited card, and is P1,000 (includes P1,000 load).

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