S&R Supermarket Haul Sale Goodies – Dec. 20, 2014

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Cart

We went to check out S&R Shaw yesterday and we found a few goodies on sale!
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Here’s our haul:

First of all – bakery goods. These Meringue Pies are 2 for P499.95! Originally P399.95 each, they’re P250 each, saving you P150.00 per pie. I like the Chocolate Meringue Pie. In case you miss the free tastes and don’t know what it is – the meringue pie has a pie crust, then has a soft filling of either lemon or chocolate, and is topped with a soft meringue (similar to Brazo de Mercedes but softer).

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Meringue Pies

Next we saw are these Hawaiian rolls – I like them but I’m trying to reduce my wheat intake so we didn’t get them this time. But they are really good, especially after a bit of toasting in an oven toaster – toasty outside, warm and fluffy inside, and they taste sweet. Less P40.00 per pack, now only P279.95.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Hawaiian Rolls

These Sarangani bangus are all less P20.00 per pack! If you consume a lot of bangus like we do, you might want to hoard some. And yes, of course we did!

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Sarangani Bangus

We saw these Gorton’s Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb Fillets on sale and although they are a bit pricey, P249.95 for only 5 serving pcs of fish fillet, we thought we’d give them a try, since they were on sale. And they’re ready to bake! Perfect for those nights when I need to cook something easy.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Gorton Garlic Herb Fillet

Yakult – wow! Only P38.95! I know it’s only P1.05 cheaper than other supermarkets, but it’s still P1.05 saved! Or more – if you happen to drink a lot of Yakult – which we do, on occasion. It really helps with digestion. As evidenced by the almost empty shelf, apparently a lot of S&R shoppers agree.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Yakult

And here’s what we bought a lot of – Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. All of them (pulp, no pulp, most pulp, etc…) were on 50% OFF, and were selling for only P119.95 per carton! They don’t often go on sale, but when they do, we take full advantage! FYI, these orange juices are NOT made from concentrate but from squeezed fresh oranges and taste far, far better than any other commercial orange juice. Take note that the expiration dates for these are by the end of December 2014!

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Floridas Natural Orange Juice 50% OFF

We also bought these Steak-eze Chophouse Angus Cheeseburgers. From P999.95, they’re now P799.95. Each box has 8 burgers. That’s P100 per burger. The burgers are already cooked – from a frozen state, all you have to do is open one side of the plastic, microwave the burger on high for 1 and a half minutes, and leave it in the microwave for 1 minute to evenly distribute the heat and cool it down a bit, before taking it out. And it’s ready to eat.

I’m not going to tell you it’s gourmet fare. But this comes in handy for a quick breakfast, merienda, light lunch, baon, midnight snack… The burger itself is actually quite moist. Add catsup, mayo, mustard, pickles, as you like.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Steak-eze Chophouse  Angus Cheeseburger

Out of the box:

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Steak-eze Chophouse  Angus Cheeseburger Before Microwave

After microwaving:

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Steak-eze Chophouse  Angus Cheeseburger After Microwave

We also bought these Kirkland Signatures Cheeze Pizzas again. I’ve already talked about them in my previous S & R supermarket haul post.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Kirkland Signatures Cheese Pizza

For your sweet tooth!

I know someone who loves berries! I hope he’s reading this! P130.00 off the Brookside Dark Chocolate Clusters Berry Medley Flavor, now only P619.95!

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Brookside Berries Cluster Dark Chocolate

Chunky Chips Ahoy Buy 2 Take 1! P399.95! Take note that they are expiring in January 2015. But with all the visitors this holiday season, I’m sure it’s going to be easy to go through them before they expire. And the best part about these Chips Ahoy? They are made in the USA! Not one of those made in southeast asia cookies that taste well, not good! Is it just me, or do the cookies we love taste different when they’re made in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines? I suspect they substitute some ingredients that they can’t get here in Southeast Asia with something else. Also – it could be on purpose to drive the cost down. But anyway, rejoice, rejoice, for we have Chips Ahoy!

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Chunky Chips Ahoy Buy 2 Take 1

Household & Gift Items

This gigantic bottle of Joy has been on sale for a few weeks now, but I still think it’s relevant. We stocked up on another bottle. We have tried other brands but we always go back to Joy. It works awesome even if greatly diluted, and it washes off easily – no slimy residue! Just squeaky clean plates! We reuse old hand soap dispenser bottles and put around 10% Joy to 90% water. Save P60. Now only P389.95!

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Joy Dishwashing Liquid 90oz

Even though we didn’t buy these, I just wanted to show this Anchor Hocking 11pc set! From P2,499.95, now only P1,699.95! It’s a great gift for your home, or to give someone who’s just moved in to their own place. It’s one of those basic things you need in a kitchen. The different sized plates can be used for baking in, then straight to serving pasta, lasagna, baked beans, any baked food like baked fish, baked chicken, baked ribs, baked macaroni, etc… you can also use them in baking pies, brownies, cakes… They really are very useful. I’d buy one if we didn’t already have enough. We’ve had ours for decades. These things last forever.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Anchor Hocking 11pc Truefit Oven Basic Set

And finally, I found these bath rugs on Buy 1 Take 1. We already have enough, but maybe someone else is looking for bath mats. These are P499.95 for 2 pcs. They don’t have the rubber back, so these are easily machine-washable. I find that the rubber backing tends to disintegrate over time and through frequent washing.

SnR Supermarket Haul Dec 20 2014 Bath Mat Buy 1 Take 1So that was our haul for yesterday! Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I had fun sharing my finds!

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