S&R Shaw Sale Items from Jan. 26, 2015 Trip

SnR Jan 26 2015 Trip Sale ItemsThe other night, we went to S&R Shaw to check if there were any good things on sale, you know, being after Christmas and all — it’s kind of expected now to have Year-End or Clearance Sales to clear out inventory from the previous year.

There weren’t that many people there, which means that there aren’t really that many things on sale. I’ve noticed that people somehow know when there are many things on sale! Somehow, they just know! When we get to S&R and notice a lot of shoppers, we tend to conclude that there are more things on sale, and we’re usually right – so we are already using this unscientific measure as a guide.

But there were still a few things that made the trip worthwhile:

These 40 oz bottles of Dove Conditioner are only P399.95. The partner Dove Shampoo, also P399.95, is also still in stock. I wrote about why I use this Dove shampoo & conditioner combo last week.

SnR Jan 26 2015 Dove Conditioner Sale

Bakery Items of the Week!

US Apple Pie – 2 for P299.95. They are actually okay. Reheat in an oven or a toaster oven for best results.

Snr Jan 26 2015 US Apple Pie 2 for P299US Pumpkin Pie, US Pecan Pie, US Lemon Meringue Pie, US Chocolate Meringue Pie, US Lattice Top Apple Pie with P100 to P200 OFF! And they are fresh – by that I mean, the date on the label says it was just baked that day or the day before, and you still have at least 4-5 days before the best before date.

Snr Jan 26 2015 Baked Goods Sale

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Other Items:

Snr Jan 26 2015 Kirkland Pepperoni PizzaThis 2-pack of White Cheddar Snow Balls is Half Price!Snr Jan 26 2015 White Cheddar Snow BallsAre you fond of Lindt or Ghirardelli chocolates? These are all discounted by around P100-200!

Snr Jan 26 2015 Chocolate Sale

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This Ferrero Golden Gallery is at 50% OFF! From P599.95, it’s now only P299.95! It is expiring by February 2015, though. But I’m sure you’ll have finished it before it expires!Snr Jan 26 2015 Ferrero Rocher Golden Gallery Half PriceThese Golden Double-Stuffed Oreos are Buy 1 Take 1. They are expiring by February, though.Snr Jan 26 2015 Golden Oreo Double Stuffed Buy 1 Take 1
Here are a few more:
Snr Jan 26 2015 Dove Deodorant DiscountedThis Ahava Mineral Lotion is less P300! Some people who might not normally splurge on this might consider buying it now that it’s discounted!Snr Jan 26 2015 Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Less P300I was really, really tempted to get this Oster Stick! I’m currently making do with a stick attachment on my hand mixer, and I think that having a real blender stick would make making blended soups, home-made mayo and such things easier to make. And it’s an Oster brand! My mom has been an Oster fan since I can remember. We used to get them as gifts from relatives in the US. But we already have too many thingamabobs on our counter 🙁 I have to get rid of some things before I can buy this, but what?Snr Jan 26 2015 Oster Stick Sale

The best value for us was buying the Fererro chocolates! It’s not often on sale. It’s something we don’t normally buy because, hello, they cost P600 for a small box of 22 pieces of chocolate! We usually get them as presents or pasalubong, or buy some years ago when we still went out to Fiesta Duty Free after someone’s trip abroad. But because it’s on sale, we can stock up and put them in the refrigerator where they will actually last several months. I’m actually more of an Almond Roca fan than a Ferrero Rocher one, but some relatives like Ferrero.

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4 thoughts on “S&R Shaw Sale Items from Jan. 26, 2015 Trip

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello yazh, I think for this year, they are doing monthly themes instead of one big Member’s Treat sale. Personally, I think this is better because the sales are spaced out through the year. During Member’s Treats the previous years, I always gave up without buying anything once I saw the long, snaking lines that go around the whole store! This month, I think it’s a babies & kids theme 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, I haven’t been to Duty Free in a long time, so I can’t tell you. With imported chocolates and other goods available in so many other places, going to Duty Free after every trip abroad just stopped being a thing for us. However, I do find that most imported items are less expensive at S&R compared to regular supermarkets.


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