S&R Sale Supermarket Haul – Nov. 26, 2014

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014

We went to S&R Shaw last night to take advantage of the Buy 1 Take 1 on some baked goods.

Here is what we went home with:

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Laid Out

We bought 4 of those round bundt cake types. They were P299.95 each, and at Buy 1 Take 1, end up being only P150.00 each. What we like about these cakes is that they are very moist! My mom always needs something to nibble on and she likes these. These cakes also last a long time. The packaging indicates that these are good until Dec. 3, but if they are in the refrigerator, they last a whole lot longer than that. Speaking of the packaging, the plastic cake dome case is also quite sturdy. They keep the cakes moist and I’ve never seen ants breach them. That is saying a lot because ants seem to show up everywhere, as if they can teleport!

These cakes won’t last very long in our house though. There are a lot of relatives coming and going and these cakes will be consumed very quickly.

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Rhum Loaf

The rhum loaves are also Buy 1 Take 1, they are P169.95 each!

The Old-fashioned Gems were less P125.00 and the Cinnamon Rolls were discounted by I forgot how much (not Buy 1 Take 1).

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Cinnamon Roll Old Fashioned Gems

We also bought some fruit and veggies! I like S&R’s fruits and veggies section. I find the quality of their produce to be quite good. We didn’t buy any meat this time because we just did an S&R run a couple of weeks ago and still have some in the freezer. They had a promo on ground pork last time and I must say I do like their ground pork. First time we bought some. There’s no porky, stale, palengke taste. It tastes very clean.

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Fish Fillet White Cobbler

These packs of fish fillet are regularly around P150, but last night they were only P129.95 per pack.

We also bought some juice, and a jar of Nescafe Gold! It’s regularly priced at around P375-395, depending on the supermarket, but last night, it was on discount – only P355.95!

I also bought a big bottle of Dove Shampoo. It was only P399.95 and I think it will last me a year, maybe more! I also bought 2 big bottles of Dove conditioner during the last sale, also at P400.00 per giant bottle. There were no conditioners left this time, sadly. I was thinking of maybe stocking up on them since I go through conditioner 3x as fast as shampoo.

We also bought this box of Cheese Pizza. Before: P899.95. Discounted price: P599.95!

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Kirkland Signatures Cheese Pizza

Here’s what it looks like out of the box. There are 4 individually-plastic-wrapped pizzas. Expiration date is Jan. 24, 2015:

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Kirkland Signatures Cheese Pizza Pack

I baked a couple of pizzas:

SnR Haul Nov 26 2014 Kirkland Signatures Cheese Pizza Baked

The top isn’t as brown as I expected, and I had already baked this at the highest setting my oven will go (#9) for 30 minutes! I think I’ll just use the turbo broiler next time.

There were also many other items on sale – mostly those cookies for giving away as gifts, good quality ones in metal containers. I saw Asti Spumante had a big price drop. And I was on the fence whether to buy this or not:

Snr Nov 26 2014 Jim Beam Chocolate Sale

In the end, I didn’t get this but I’m hoping some nice soul will give me one this Christmas!

My favorite, Almond Roca, was also on sale. But I really need to control my intake. If I start on a can of Almond Roca… they just disappear so quickly! They’re so addictive!

Don’t forget to take your senior citizen relatives with you (together with their senior citizen IDs and booklets)! Not only will you get senior citizen discounts, you’ll also be doing a good deed. I’m sure they’ll enjoy being out of the house and seeing new things.

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