S&R Sale – Stock up on Chicken Breast, Beef Brisket, etc! – Sept. 8, 2015

Went to S&R a couple of days ago and was so happy to find S&R Chicken Breast on sale! And S&R Beef Brisket with free half kilo, too!

Saw these Bounty Fresh Chicken Breasts as Items of the Week – they were now only P118.95 per kilo instead of P148.95.

SnR Sept 8 Chicken Breast Sale

SnR Sept 8 Chicken Breast Sale Close Up

We bought a pack – I deboned them and prepped the meat to make some breaded chicken fillets – I plan to make some Breaded Chicken Fillets with Honey Mustard Sauce, something like this.

We used the chicken bones for tinola – we like the green papaya and malunggay in our tinola, but not so much the boiled chicken – so we usually just use chicken bones to make tinola, and use the meat for some other dish, in this case, breaded chicken fillets.

I found this really easy and simple honey mustard sauce recipe from Martha Stewart, which I think will work great for this! I have been craving for some Honey-Mustard Chicken for a while, but all the other honey mustard sauce recipes I found seemed to involve using mayonnaise. I didn’t want any mayonnaise – I find it just too oily combined fried chicken. So when I found this Martha Stewart recipe, I thought I would give it a try, since the woman’s recipes have never failed me yet. Say whatever you want about her, but her recipes are excellent!

I also saw these Beef Brisket packs with a free half kilo promo when you buy a pack:

SnR Sept 8 Beef Brisket Sale Free Half Kilo

I am planning to use these for Beef Caldereta or for some beef stew. If you’re looking for a good recipe, I tried this WINE-BRAISED BRISKET OF BEEF WITH CARAMELIZED PEARL ONIONS AND DRIED APRICOTS recipe from Wolfgang Puck and it’s really good – it’s a lot of work, though, so only good for special occasions, and I cheat by using a slow cooker instead.

I think I’m sticking with making a big pot of Beef Caldereta and freezing half of it for a future meal (yay for freezer cooking!). I also saw these pickles on sale, so I bought a jar for my Beef Caldereta – I like putting a lot of pickles in my Beef Caldereta.

SnR Sept 8 Baby Dill Pickles

I’ll be posting more about my other sale finds at S&R later 🙂

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