S&R Sale Finds, T-Bone Steak 1/2 Kilo FREE – July 15, 2015

Hello, everyone!

I checked out what’s new at S&R last Wednesday! Here are some of the sale highlights:


It’s time to hoard up on some Parmesan! The Mil Lel Parmesan block (above the price) is on 50% OFF! I didn’t realize until now that I took the wrong picture. Anyway, it’s the 250g block of Parmesan for only P194.95! These will work great shaved over pasta, home-made pizza… 

SnR July 15 Mil Lel Parmesan Cheese

This Tillamook Cheddar Cheese has P200 OFF from the per kilo price! You can use these to make Mac & Cheese, or a grilled cheese sandwich! They make great mac & cheese and awesome 3-cheese or 4-cheese sandwiches or pizza!

SnR July 15 Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

These Wallaby Yogurts are all discounted by P50! It’s a good reason to try them, if you’re curious about really good yogurt.

SnR July 15 Wallaby Yogurt

Guess what? This week, it’s the T-Bone Steak that’s on Buy 1 Pack, get 1/2 kilo FREE!

SnR July 15 Montana T Bone Steak Buy 1 Pack Get Half Kilo Free

SnR July 15 Montana T Bone Steak Buy 1 Pack Get Half Kilo Free Close Up

These All American Chicken Franks are also on sale. Save P130 per kilo!

SnR July 15 All American Chicken Franks

SnR July 15 All American Chicken Franks 2


I saw these Gerber Puffs discounted by P20! My toddler nephew & niece love these. Instead of getting them hooked on unhealthy chips & candies, they are given these Gerber Puffs cereal snacks instead and they just love, love, love these. LIke, literally, these need to be included in the baby bag whenever the kids go out. These puffs are not as expensive as I thought they would be. The flavors available here are Strawberry Apple and Banana.

SnR July 15 Gerber Puffs

As for sweets, there were many chocolates on sale! Kitkats were on sale, Nestle Crunch was on sale, and these Hershey’s Assorted Kisses were, too!

SnR July 15 Hershey Assorted Kisses

I saw these Tortilla Chips on sale and immediately thought: home-made Nachos! Apparently, a lot of people also had the same idea! A pack of these are now only P99.95!

SnR July 15 Zanuy Tortilla Chips

And in case you were worried about the Nacho Cheese Sauce, it’s available here, too! It’s P419.95 for the big can. Who is thinking Nacho Party?! 

SnR July 15 Nacho Cheese Sauce

And I saw these Keurig coffee machines on sale! This is the Keurig K460 Model. It’s discounted from its original price of P15,999.95, and it’s now ony P12,609.95. The thing is, it uses 110v vs. the 220v that’s common in the Philippines, but that’s nothing an adapter can’t fix.

SnR July 15 Keurig Coffee K460

Here’s a close-up in case you want to read the box:

SnR July 15 Keurig Coffee K460 Close Up Box

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