S&R Sale Finds – April 9, 2015

SnR April 6 2015 Haul

We went to S&R again this week, twice! Suki na talaga. Here are some of the things we bought + other things on sale at S&R.

The bakery item on Buy 1 Take 1 this week are the muffins! I find S&R’s muffins to be really moist and flavorful. The chocolate ones are very chocolatey!

SnR Muffins Buy 1 Take 1

These Lemon and Banana Choco Chip Loaf cakes were discounted by P60.00!

SnR April 9 Lemon Banana Choco Loaf Bread Discounted

These brown eggs are still on Buy 2 Take 1! We always buy these whenever they are on sale! The egg yolks are yummy and so yellow they’re practically orange. They work out to P5.82/pc which is awesome for brown eggs! If you haven’t tried them, please do! It’s a world of difference vs. regular eggs! But at this price, it’s almost the same price or even cheaper than a regular white egg.

If a 90-pack of eggs is too much, they also have a 36-pack (3 dozens), also on Buy 2 Take 1.

SnR Buy 2 Take 1 Brown EggsI’ve been meaning to try out this Soyfresh Hershey’s Mocha soy milk, so we took advantage of the current P50.00 OFF to get a 4-pack. The P249.95 price is for a pack of 4 x 1-Liter tetra pack.SnR Soyfresh Hersheys MochaStill on soymilk, I found these on 50% OFF! Natura Organic Soy Milk for only P109.95 for 2! This organic soy milk has no sugar.

SnR Natura Organic Soy Milk

If you’re addicted to these Starbucks bottled Mocha Frappucino drinks, they are discounted! I buy these if I know I have friends coming over for dinner or snacks. They love it! Sometimes they even ask for “take home” so it becomes a party favor, too.

SnR Starbucks Bottled Mocha FrappucinoSnR Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappucino 2

We always use this fish fillet – breaded with bread crumbs and fried, baked, steamed, etc… so we always hoard some whenever they are on sale! By the looks of it, seems like other people have the same idea, too.

SnR Fish Fillet

I also love bangus, so yeah, it was hoarding time… I especially like the smoked bangus!

SnR Sarangani Deboned Bangus

The price of the Smoked Bangus below is P139.95.

SnR Sarangani Deboned Smoked Bangus

Here’s Pepero White Chocolate, also on sale:

SnR Pepero White Choco

We also bought some of these Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Raspberry Turnovers:

SnR Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Raspberry Turnovers

Ice cream!

SnR Blue Bunny Flan Premium Ice Cream

There were other things on sale, too, go check them out! We also bought some Oreo pie crusts on Buy 1 Take 1! It’s just easier to make no-bake cheesecakes with prepared crusts.

And if you’re looking for kosher salt, you’re in luck, because they have them right now!

SnR Kosher Salt

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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