S&R Promos I Found During My Grocery Visit Yesterday – June 23, 2017

Yesterday, we dropped by S&R on our way home from another errand to check if there were any new promos at S&R.

My dad also wanted to get more of the Rayburn Philly Cheesesteaks because he likes having them for midnight snack – they are easy for him to eat (he’s almost 70) and he likes the convenience of just microwaving it himself any time he is hungry. Yup, they’re still available!

Anyway, I did find some new promos!


My favorite buy! Brown eggs on Buy 2 Take 1! I ALWAYS BUY THESE BROWN EGGS WHEN THEY ARE ON PROMO! Why am I so happy about these eggs? For one, they are only P5.97 each (P538 / 90 eggs), the same price as regular white eggs, sometimes even cheaper.


I will be doing a post on the eggs so you’ll see the difference with regular white eggs. But basically, I find these brown eggs yummier – the yolks are so yellow and rich that they are almost orange, whereas regular white egg yolks are usually just a pale yellow and don’t have as much flavor as the brown eggs. On regular price, the brown eggs are usually way more expensive than the white eggs, so being able to get them at the same price is awesome!

We keep what we can in the refrigerator so they stay fresher longer, and then for the eggs that we can’t fit in the ref and just leave on the counter, we use those up first.

Haagen Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bars P500 OFF!


If you like Triple Chex, then here’s a big box that’s only P150!

Triple Chex

If you love snacking on OMG, well, they’re almost 1/3 OFF the price!

OMG Chocolate

More chocolates!

Anton Berg


Kewpie Mayo

Kewpie Sesame

This Hollinger Austrian Apple Sparkling Sprizz is on Buy 1 Take 1:


And here’s something that I also liked. These Gorton’s Fish Sticks are now only just P200 (from P449.00)! We just cooked a pack for lunch today and they are so easy and convenient! The instructions said to bake them but I just fried them in a little oil. They remind me of fish sticks that you get in mid-range restaurants, like for fish tacos, etc… great with some salsa on the side (basically just chopped up tomatoes and onions). They also make good toppings for a fresh salad (lettuce + dressing + other veggies), instead of the usual chicken.



For kids, I also saw this Snoopy backpack + smaller bag set. There’s a matching smaller bag inside! Regular price was P999.95, and now it’s only P699.95.



If you have a thing for wanting your bed to be like a hotel’s, you need to put a mattress pad on top of your bed. If you are looking for a mattress pad, check these out, they are on promo, all P200 OFF!

Arkwright Mattress Pad

Arkwright Mattress Pad

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Happy shopping!

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