S&R Pizza Opens New Branch in Harbor Point (Subic) + Pizza Promo!

SnR New York Style Pizza Harbor Point Subic

S&R New York Style Pizza opens its latest branch at Harbor Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

S&R New York Style Pizza just opened a new branch yesterday in Harbor Point at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. You can now get their mouthwatering pizzas and fried chicken in Subic!

I like S&R pizzas because they are the most value-for-money pizzas. Their pizzas are big, 18″ pizzas filled with toppings, and if you compare their price of P629 to other pizza places, S&R’s pizzas are definitely the most sulit.

Also try their Fried Chicken, and their Beef Baked Roll and Chicken Baked Roll. These are the items that I usually order when dining in  I like adding fresh chopped onions on my baked rolls, they are really cheesy and the onions add a little sharpness. Fresh onions, pickles and condiments are available in all branches.

You don’t need to be an S&R Warehouse member to dine at S&R’s Pizza branches.

They also have an OPENING PROMO where you can get a whole cheese pizza for only P250! If you buy a whole pizza (any flavor), you can get your second pizza (Cheese) for only P250!

This promo will run from June 7 to July 6, 2015!

The branch is open from 10AM – 9PM.

SnR New York Style Pizza Harbor Subic Buy 2nd Cheese Pizza for P250

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